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Instagram and Facebook activate a function to regulate your time on their social networks

A new tool to combat social media addiction.

Social Networks have become a must to communicate with friends, family, and even with our favorite artists in real time, a certain reason why many people can’t stay away from their devices. Now a group of Facebook and Instagram developers have added a new option to allow the users to monitor the time they spent on these platforms.

The new function will enable users to establish limits of time to use the apps daily. Instagram members explained that this update came up as a result of an extensive investigation which had the collaboration and inspiration from experts, academics and mental health organizations.

“We want that the time people spend on Facebook and Instagram would be intentional, positive and inspiring. We hope that these tools give people more control of the time that they spend on the platforms and also promote conversations between parents and children about what types of online habits are appropriate for them”, explained the network promoter.

The tools will be available in the Settings section on every App. On Instagram, you can change it in “Your Activity”, and on Facebook, you’ll choose “Your time on Facebook”.

Watch below how it works.

Images from Time Live
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