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Wasabi: “My Aim Is To Create Music With Passion”

Wasabi: “My aim is to create music with passion”

Wasabi has been producing since 2004 and DJing since 1995. He has become a synonymous name of quality dance music, having appearances on labels such as Hed Kandi, Global Underground, Ministry of Sound and more. He runs Erase Records since 2003 and has played in the biggest spots around the globe like Berlin, London, Moscow, Budapest, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, just to name a few.

We caught up with Wasabi to talk  2018 and his future plans.

Electronic Groove: Hi, Wasabi, thanks for your time today. Where are you right now and what are your plans to end this year?

Wasabi: Hello, guys! Nice to meet you! I’m in Greece right now and preparing my new singles and gigs for 2019!

EG: 2018 has been exciting for you. Can you give us some insight and some highlights?

Wasabi: 2018 has been a busy year with big highlights! My label has reached the highest position with ‘Hazzaro’ and ‘Make My Day’ at Beatport’s position 2 overall!

We had great singles, plus a few amazing label showcases. The best was in Ibiza on July with Pax at Ibiza Rocks!

EG: You recently released the Sensation track. What was the inspiration to produce it?

Wasabi: My aim is to create music with passion and to give artists something interesting for their sets! The biggest motivation for me is to create tracks with emotional elements!

EG: Tell us about your Erase Records label. When it was founded and what’s the concept behind?

Wasabi: Erase Records has been founded in London in 2003. It was created during my travelling to that city and the parties I had there! I had so many friends giving me demos and I thought it was the right timing to open a label and releasing that music.

“A simple advice is to be passionate, patient and to work with love!”

EG: Can you define your sound in three words?

Wasabi: Fat, interesting and spicy.

EG: What was your favorite tune of 2018?

Wasabi: I would say ‘Renegate Masta’ with Sugar Hill!

EG: Any advice for those who are starting in the music business? 

Wasabi: A simple advice is to be passionate, patient and to work with love!

EG: How’s 2019 looking like?    

Wasabi: I have a USA mini-tour in January and then more upcoming dates around the globe! In addition, we try to make a new Summer Project Camp in Greece for people who enjoy peace and music!

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