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8 Kays, Mattia Pompeo, and Eleonora talk about their new release on 8Music

Italian producer Mattia Pompeo, known for his Sincopat and Selador releases, is re-igniting 8Kays’ 8Music with his brand new two-tracker ‘Stay Together’, which features Eleonora on the titular cut. The pack is completed with ‘Bowl’, and a powerful remix of ‘Stay Together’, courtesy of Fat Sushi. Dormant for almost two years, 8Music is back in full force and ready to hit the ground running this 2021.

We caught up with 8Kays, Mattia Pompeo, and Eleonora themselves to talk about this new beginning for 8Music and the creative process behind ‘Stay Together’.

Electronic Groove: Hi there guys! We’re excited to have you here. Let’s dive right into it. 8Music label had a break of almost 2 years, what was the reason of the pause?

8Kays: Hello all, 8Kays here. In order for the label to work well, you need to devote a lot of time to it, at that time I did not have enough of it. I worked more on developing myself as a musician but now I have more time for it, and we have a good team.

Electronic Groove: How has 8Music changed now and what should we expect?

8Kays: Nothing has changed – it’s still a platform for music that I like. I am open to new music and growing talent, so feel free to send demos directly to me 😉

Electronic Groove: So, why did you choose this track for the first release? What makes ‘ Stay Together’ so special?

8Kays: It happened by accident and this was the starting point for the reboot of the label. I listened to the track and liked it very much. Some days ago Mattia Pompeo performed in Odessa at a Deeportament event and as I heard it, we literally decided at the party to release it on my 8Music label.

I also really like the symbolism of the title track’s title ‘Stay Together’. For me personally, this means that despite what is happening around us, we can support each other, especially in these strange times. I’d like to give special thanks to Eleanora for these wonderful lyrics that make it a special track.

I’m also glad that the guys from Fat Sushi made a remix for this release. I’ve been a big fan of them for a very long time and I hope you will feel the drive in the groove and atmosphere of the 80s in their remix.

Electronic Groove: And Mattia, Eleonora…How did you decide to collaborate on this project?

Mattia Pompeo: We have some friends in common and after having a little chat we felt very comfortable musically and personally so all the process was very natural.

“I also really like the symbolism of the title track’s title ‘Stay Together’. For me personally, this means that despite what is happening around us, we can support each other, especially in these strange times”

Electronic Groove: Can you describe what was the process during the lockdown?

Mattia Pompeo: Personally during the lockdown, I try to concentrate more on myself….reading, training, and doing a lot of yoga. I’m spending less time than before in the studio but I’ve to say that right now I’m more productive than ever. So I think right now for me ‘less is more’.

Eleonora: There was no dramatic change in my workflow but certainly concentrated on mixing and producing more besides writing. Had to update my knowledge for too long now – now it is finally the time. Besides, this – the spare time gives you the opportunity to finally deal with yourself, understand what you are actually doing, set new priorities. Not doing yoga like Mattia just yet, but I feel it is getting close 🙂

Electronic Groove: Do you know what will you do first when the lockdown ends?

Mattia Pompeo: I’ll take a plane and I’ll go far, far away to a place where I don’t understand the language and eat all the local food.

Eleonora: I would go to all of the live concerts I have tickets for from 2020 for sure. And finally, drink and eat with other people outside once again.

Electronic Groove: Mattia, Eleonora, 8Kays…it’s been a pleasure catching up with you. We wish you and 8Music the best going forwards!

All: Thank you Electronic Groove! All the best!

Mattia Pompeo & Eleonora’s ‘Stay Together’ is out now via 8Music. Buy your copy here

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