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Adana Twins & Innellea Talk About TAU Debut Release

Adana Twins & Innellea talk about TAU debut release

For the first TAU release TAU, the Adana Twins introduce a duo under the Innellea name; believed to be one of the biggest up- and-coming talents in the scene right now. Heavily infuenced by percussion sounds, the inaugural EP launches with thematic cohesion and into a realm of what they believe tribal infused techno should really sound like. Recruiting the help of Human Machine to remix lead track ‘Nautilus’, having already gained significant support from the Adana Twins, who play almost all of their releases in their DJ sets. The rich, contrasting tastes of the Sicilian four-piece shine through, staying true to one simple rule – make people dance.

We caught up with Adana Twins and Innellea to talk about their debut release.

EG: Hi guys, hope you are well. Firstly, we would like to know how you came to work together? Where did you meet?

Innellea: Thanks for inviting us. Not quite sure. I think we sent some promos to Adana Twins, then they asked for some demos and we got more and more in touch. We started connecting, skyping and finally “working” together. Funny thing is that, we first met when we bumped into them at Hamburg airport after going straight from a gig to the airport. Shortly after, we met in Munich when they came to play here.

Adana Twins: The guys already explained it. We will never forget the faces of them both when we met them without any sleep at the airport. It reminded us of ourselves and we know this will happen much more in the future to the guys, as we really believe that their travel schedule will get a lot harder with all this great music they are doing right now.

EG: Why did you choose Innellea to be the first to release on your new label?

Adana Twins: Since we spotted their ‘Lilith’ tune we were big fans of the guys and we played almost all of their releases; That’s not often the case. The guys become stronger and stronger from release to release and so it was no question for us to have them on the label.

EG: How does it feel to be the first to release on the Adana Twins new imprint?

Innellea: It is an honor for us to be part of the very first release of TAU. It means a lot as we think this opportunity comes with confidence and appraisal.

“With TAU we are making the next step in the Adana Twins chapter” – Adana Twins

EG: With the new label in mind can you tell us a little bit about the philosophy behind the label and your motivations for taking the leap into starting it?

Adana Twins: With TAU we are making the next step in the Adana Twins chapter. It’s a quest to develop and shape our own distinct sound and to support up-and-coming talent.

EG: As up-and-comers in the scene, is the ‘Nautilus’ EP your biggest project to date?

Innellea: We have released some remixes and EP’s that already received important attention. However, we put a lot of love into this EP, therefore we hope it will become our biggest release so far!

EG: How would you describe your musical style at the moment?

Innellea: Always hard to tell but definitely melodic and rather techno-ish than house. Mainly driven by strong grooves and spiced up with intelligent melodies. At least, that’s the way we would love our music to be described.

EG: How do you think Innellea’s music sits alongside your own music?

Adana Twins: As you may know, we are big fans of strong grooves and catchy melodies. The guys combine both and totally fit into our taste of music. They are exactly the type of artist we are looking for to release on TAU.

EG: The tracks on your EP have quite a tribal feel. How did you go about making this EP? Did you use any samples? ‘Nautilus’ is a type of sea creature. What was the main inspiration behind the EP overall?

Innellea: In the beginning of the year we’ve been quite influenced by tribal, as you can hear. This influence found its own way into our Innellea-sound while not being as tribal-oriented as the scene tended to be at that moment.

“We put a lot of love into this EP” – Innellea

EG: Why did you choose Human Machine to remix ‘Nautilus’? How did this remix fit with your vision for the label?

Adana Twins: Just like Innellea, Human Machine is one of those acts that had a bunch of strong releases in the past, that we played in almost every set. Hard to count how often we played ‘146’ or ‘The Mule’. When we brainstormed about remixes for the EP it didn’t take long until their name came up. Three weeks later we received an amazing remix.

EG: How have you found the collaboration process on this EP?

Innellea: The release hasn’t even been yet and we already feel great to be working together with
the Adana Twins and TAU. We’re hoping this EP is not the last on the label on TAU and we hope the twins think alike.

Adana Twins: Totally true. It’s really cool to work with the guys. From the first minute we felt that they were super motivated about the project, and they were open for feedback and some extra rounds to create an amazing EP. We are already looking forward to more collaborations in the future.

Innellea’s ‘Nautilus’ is available on TAU. Grab your copy here.

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