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AEMCON: The Alberta Electronic Music Conference

AEMCON: The Alberta Electronic Music Conference

The Alberta Electronic Music Conference (AEMCON) is a one-of kind experience for music producers, DJs, and those that work and create in the world of electronic music.

Below is our chat with AEMCON partner Andrew Williams where we discussed several topics about the Conference.

Electronic Groove: Hi guys, thanks for the time. So what is AEMCOM?

AEMCON: The Alberta Electronic Music Conference (AEMCON) is a multi-day conference and festival that seeks to elevate and inspire those who want to work and create in the world of electronic music.  This year, we’ve gathered over 115 different speakers, artists, and performers to share their knowledge and craft with conference goers through over 50 workshops and 16 night events.  It’s a great place for artists to learn about the music industry and to make valuable contacts

EG: When will AEMCOM take place and who can go?  

AEMCON: AEMCON takes place from November 15-18 in Calgary, Alberta and is open to anyone who is interested in building a career in the electronic music industry. We have beginners and seasoned pros attend. There are panels to attend for every level of experience.

EG: Can you tell who are some of the speakers this year? 

AEMCON: We’ve got some amazing speakers including Octave One (Detroit), Chris Goss (co-founder of Hospital Records), A Tribe Called Red (Ottawa), Malcolm Cecil (co-creator of TONOTO),  CEIL (Discwoman), Nancy Lee (Chapel Sound), Woofax (PK Sound),  Pezzner (Hunt & Gather Records),  Vespers (Warp Academy) and so many more.

You can check out the full list here!

EG: How are the speakers chosen? 

AEMCON: It’s a mixture of ways. The main criteria that we’re looking for is does the speaker have something that we think will captivate and enrich our conference goers. We sometimes go out and look for certain subject-matter experts (like Vespers or those speaking on our music entrepreneur panel) or we’ll work with companies to find the best speaker on a topic, such as video game sound design (Lin Gardner of Relic and Ron Dazo of BioWare). We also work with Calgary’s various promoter groups and venues to bring in acts for our night shows who will also speak at the conference. Lastly, we look to experts in our own community and we try to showcase them in the best way possible.

EG: Are there any events linked to the Conference?   

AEMCON: We have over 16 different night events to keep people entertained over the conference. Conference pass holders get into each of them for free. They range from producer meet-ups and live techno shows, to deep dubstep nights and multi-room parties. There’s something for everyone.

The conference itself has over 50 different panels, workshops, and networking sessions.

“We have over 16 different night events to keep people entertained over the conference.”

EG: If someone would like to participate in AEMCOM what are the steps?

AEMCON: Every year we put out a call for promoters, speakers, and volunteers to get involved with the conference. There are loads of ways you can help! From organizing a supporting show, to working our artist check-in. Applications usually start early on in the year.

EG: Is there any lodging or travel advice provided?

AEMCON: For conference pass-holders, we recommend they book either with our partner hotel the Fairfield Marriot or an AirBNB. Those are usually the most cost effective ways to stay in town.  As for travel advice, we provide plenty of info about the venues and city on our website.

EG: Has AEMCOM achieved its initial idea/concept?

AEMCON: Absolutely. In our first two years, we received so much amazing feedback and support that we were inspired to keep building and pushing our conference in new and unique ways. People will leave this year’s event with a new understanding of how to make it in the music industry and will join a community of like-minded individuals who are committed to sharing their knowledge and working together to push electronic music forward.

For more AEMCON information: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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