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Aether: ‘I Try To Put My Feelings And Thoughts Into My Music’

Aether: ‘I try to put my feelings and thoughts into my music’

Hailing from Italy Aether is part of the Tale of Us’ ‘Afterlife’ label and included on the upcoming compilation ‘Realm Of Consciousness Pt.II’.

We had the chance to talk with Aether aligned to the release of the latest Afterlife’s collection.

Electronic Groove: Hi Aether, thanks for the time to chat with us. We love your concept. Tell us about your early years, how did you get interested in music?

Aether: I was interested in music very early, I grew up in a musical stimulating environment and since my childhood was surrounded by musical instruments and sound equipment. Growing up and exploring, I realized that I wanted to express myself through music.

EG: Can you name some of your musical influences?

Aether: I have listened and studied so many different genres and styles of music and his history so I have a big library of titles, artists and old records that I have collected in my life and that all left a mark on my musical growth.

My musical influences are various and span from The Beatles, Toto, Frank Zappa and Miles Davis, to Lauren Spiegel, Brian Eno, Tangerine Dream, Williem Onyeabor and some of African Music, Voodoo Chants and tribes from all around the world, obviously I am a big fan of modern electronic experimental music as well.

EG: You are included in the upcoming Afterlife’s compilation. How did you link with the Italian crew?

Aether: I met Alessandro and Federico long ago in Milan when they weren’t Minds Against yet. As we were living close in the neighbourhood, we often shared productions, ideas about music and of course a couple of parties.

I might say there was always a good feeling, and positive vibes among us. Our streets were divided when they moved to Berlin and I went back to Rome before moving to London. After some time we met again and I told them I had some material, so we started our collaboration and they introduce me to Tale Of Us.

EG: What was the inspiration on the ‘Beyond the Lights’ track included in the compilation?

Aether: This track has something deep that cannot be explained and that particular sound created in me the right sensation that I was looking for, so this is the result that even a single element can convey the right emotions that allow you to see it as a complete musical piece.

EG: Tell us about the art that identifies you. Is that yours or another artist’s work?

Aether: I like to think that what I compose will move other people’s mind and senses. I believe to be rather introspective as a person and I try to put my feelings and thoughts into my music.

I always liked the thought to create music only for large spaces, with huge amplification systems that will have a great impact on the listeners.

EG: Are you planning a live show in the near future or would you prefer to stay in the studio producing music?

Aether: Certainly in the future, I am considering the opportunity of doing a real live show and to convey to my listeners the sensations I experience when I produce my compositions, but at the moment I am focusing on bringing a selection of my own productions with DJ set.

EG: In addition to the Afterlife release, what’s in the pipeline for Aether?

Aether: I cannot reveal anything at the moment, but I’m working on new projects that will be released soon. Stay tuned!

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