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AKKI: “Good music finds its way to the people”

In his young time DJ and Producer, AKKI has kept busy crafting a solid lineup of releases. Now, the German artist makes his highly anticipated debut on Monika Kruse’s Terminal M as a part of their ‘Bangers’ compilation with ‘Horizon’, a stellar collaboration with fellow countryman Kaspar.

We catch up with AKKI to talk about the release of ‘Horizon’, his productions, djing, and more. Purchase your copy of ‘Horizon’ here.

Electronic Groove: Hi AKKI and welcome to EG. It’s a pleasure to chat with you today. Tell us, where are you now and what have you been up to these past couple of weeks? What is looking like over there?

AKKI: Thank you very much, I am happy to do this interview with you. I am currently at home in Germany. I have spent the last few weeks mainly in the studio working on my upcoming projects. Fortunately, the situation in Germany is getting better and better and the clubs are gradually opening their doors again. This motivates me even more to finish the projects I have started.

Electronic Groove: You are behind ‘Horizon’, a new release with Kaspar that just came out on Terminal M. What can you tell us about the collaboration and the production process behind it?

AKKI: It’s the first track I did together with Kaspar and we had a lot of fun doing it. It was interesting to see how our styles would mix and how we complement each other. He sent me some drums and synths at the beginning. After a few minutes, I had the idea for the main melody and bassline. I then spent the next few hours fine-tuning it. I sent it back to Kaspar and he was immediately enthusiastic about the idea. Then we worked on it together for the next few days, sometimes until 3 in the morning, until we were both 100% satisfied with the result.

Electronic Groove: What do you think is key for a collaboration to be successful? Do you have to get along? Maybe an emotional connection? Or is just mastering your craft enough?

AKKI: I think that collaboration only works if both are willing to engage with the ideas of the other and work together on problems until the desired result is achieved. Apart from that, I got on very well with Kaspar, which was of course an advantage and it made it all the more fun.

Electronic Groove: How did the relationship with Terminal M come about? Did you already know Monica (Kruse)?

AKKI: I have been a fan of her music and of her as a person for several years. However, it was not easy to get in touch with her. Kaspar told me that his management had contacted Monika and that he was planning to release an EP on Terminal M. So we thought we’d send her our collaboration and possibly end up on the ‘Bangers’ compilation by Terminal M. And that’s how it happened. We sent our track to her and she was immediately thrilled.

“I think that collaboration only works if both are willing to engage with the ideas of the other and work together on problems until the desired result is achieved”

 Electronic Groove: How has your summer been so far? Have you had any special gigs or moments worth mentioning? Maybe some new music you heard or an artist you saw that captured your attention?

AKKI: My summer was very good, I used it to recharge my batteries and to work out a plan for the future together with my management. I spent a lot of time in nature to clear my head and then concentrate on the essentials again. I also spent a lot of time in the studio working on some projects that will be released in the next few months.

Electronic Groove:  Now that summer is also coming to an end. What plans do you have for the winter season? Any special gigs or productions on the horizon?

AKKI: My highlight for this year is the release of my single ‘Take Me Away’ in November. It is a project from the heart and I have already been working on this track for many months. I’m also really looking forward to the winter season and the upcoming gigs. It’s good to be able to pursue my passion again. I also have some gigs abroad coming up, which makes me very proud and motivates me to keep going.

Electronic Groove: Getting a bit more technical. What is your favorite tip or trick that you use in the studio? Is there a basic thing you always do?

AKKI: I don’t know if it’s easy to answer this question because you have a certain workflow and you use certain techniques over and over again but in different ways. But one thing I always look for in my tracks is the combination of melodic/emotional elements combined with harder sounds to create a contrast.

Electronic Groove: You’ve been producing for not so long. How challenging has it been to build your career? What advice can you give to those who are venturing into the music world? Is it fundamental to produce music nowadays as a DJ?

AKKI: I can definitely answer ‘YES’ to this question. As a DJ nowadays, if you don’t produce your own music, it’s very hard to stand out from all the other DJs and find your own style, because you would only play music from other artists. I can give young DJs and producers the advice to concentrate fully on producing and, even if you get a few rejections, keep going and try to generate attention through your productions. It doesn’t matter if it’s on YouTube, Soundcloud, or Spotify. Good music finds its way to the people.

“As a DJ nowadays, if you don’t produce your own music,
it’s very hard to stand out”

 Electronic Groove: What would be your dream location to play at? And let’s just get wild, what would the rider include?

AKKI: My dream is definitely to play Awakenings one day and perform alongside great artists like Monika Kruse, Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, and Charlotte De Witte. My rider would include some VIP tickets for my closest friends who have been by my side for years and have always motivated and supported me. And of course, a few bottles of Jägermeister to celebrate the whole thing!

Electronic Groove: Moving onto something different. Have you read any books or watched any movies lately that you can recommend to our readers? What did you like about it? Where do you usually go for inspiration?

AKKI: I mainly watch comedies because they distract me better and take my mind off things more easily. But I have rarely had the chance to do that lately. For inspiration, I like to go out into nature, as that’s the best place to clear my head.

Electronic Groove: Thank you for your time AKKI! We wish you all the best!

AKKI: Thank you very much for the interview and best regards to all who support me.

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