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Albuquerque: “Warung Is The Place Where I Have Developed My Taste For Electronic Music”

Albuquerque: “Warung is the place where I have developed my taste for electronic music”

Making people dance through misty grooves, Albuquerque is something you can call ”a born DJ”. A modern dance music fanatic and aficionado for quality dance music.

Resident of the legendary clubs WARUNG and D-DEDGE in Brazil, he’s definitely an expert when it comes to dancefloors. Running Warung Recordings and Radiola he divides his time to share good music to his community, managing, producing, creating and of course, doing his big love, DJing, purely living a 100% into electronic music!

We had the chance to speak with Albuquerque as he just released his latest podcast on Electronic Groove.

Electronic Groove: Hi Albuquerque, thanks for chatting with us. Can you give a little background on your initial involvement with dance music? Do you have any particular memories that inspired you to go through this path?

Albuquerque: Hi guys, my pleasure! I’ve always been a music addict but what really changed my life was a Dance Valley party in Amsterdam back in 2007. Before this moment, I went to different trance and techno raves in my own town, but following that event I felt the desire to produce and play dance music, definitely it was a strong connection I felt that day. Later I came back to Brazil and started dijing in 2008.

Electronic Groove: You are resident at Warung. How did you get involved with this club?

Albuquerque: Warung is the place where I have developed my taste for electronic music. For many years I didn’t miss one night there, learning with the masters, and having fun with my best friends, it was my music school.
My first gig there was for a local label. I was supposed to play 2 hours but one of the owners decided to celebrate his birthday that day. I played for 6 hours, they liked and I started to play more often. In 2014 I was announced as a resident DJ, and today I travel the whole world on the Warung tours representing the club and it is simply amazing! I also run Warung Recordings with Leo Janeiro. We just dropped our 30th release.

Electronic Groove: What would you say that makes this club so special? Is it the music? The people? The location?

Albuquerque: There are a lot of things that make Warung a unique club. Beyond every weekend’s line up, the owners are surfers that after a trip to Bali decided to connect their lifestyle with that sport and electronic music. The club is all made of wood, located in front of the sea. The high-volume music resonance on that material is totally different from everything. In the morning when the sun rises you can see it from the DJ booth and dancefloor, so this is a very special moment and the whole crowd waits for it. And of course, the people. Warung has such a good fame among Brazilian clubbers that every night the club is packed out with people!

Electronic Groove: You’re also managing a couple of record labels. What can you tell us about them in terms of musical direction and concept?

Albuquerque: Running a label is a challenge, I’m always learning from mistakes and discovering new things with people from the industry. If you have money to invest, the results can come faster, and I’m not talking about profits, I’m talking about cool releases, nice remixes and good exposition.

I run Radiola Records with Haustuff. We look for music that we can play on our sets and that shows our kind of house music.

On Warung Recordings is different. We, me and Leo, try to focus on the club interests and roots. All music must be approved by the club’s staff and we try to connect the residents with the headliners that regularly play there.

“Running a label is a challenge, I’m always learning from mistakes and discovering new things”

Electronic Groove: Are there any new releases coming out in the near future?

Albuquerque: Yes, a lot! Warung Recordings has a strong connection with progressive house and we are preparing releases with Hernan Cattaneo and Darin Epsilon, to be out next March.

For Radiola, I’m preparing my own album in partnership with a singer called Isadora Carvalho. We have 10 songs ready and we are focusing the promotion on Spotify. The album brings deep house and indie dance vibes.

Electronic Groove: Since you’re a globetrotter, which countries and venues, in your opinion, have the best music scene in terms of fans and artists?

Albuquerque: Oof!!! It’s hard to say, but Spain, Germany, England and the Netherlands are a step forward from the rest of the world. In my opinion, the promoters and club owners are more professional and it reflects on the rest. There are a lot of parties, clubs and labels that show the audience a particular concept. Coherent lineups, quality sound systems…making everything more solid.

Electronic Groove: What experiences, producers, and DJs have helped shape you as an artist?

Albuquerque: Definitely the Warung tours have helped me to shape my style. On these travels I’ve been watching regularly the best worldwide DJs, and this is an opportunity that I’m really thankful. Be in contact with my favorite artists, warm up and close the dancefloor for them, it is a pretty cool and interesting experience.

Electronic Groove: Do you have any gigs you’re looking forward to for the coming season?

Albuquerque: This year I’ve decided to skip my yearly Summer European tour to focus on the studio. This is the first time in 5 years I won’t be able to do it, but I know it is for a good reason. I need to have more releases. So, I’m really looking forward to BPM Portugal in September. The festival is awesome and my vibe connects with it. After that I’ll be touring in London, Berlin, Munich, Ibiza, Lisboa and more to be announced 😉

“I’m preparing my own album in partnership with a singer called Isadora Carvalho”

Electronic Groove: What other music do you like to listen when chilling and unwinding?

Albuquerque: My Spotify account is on fire! Lately I’ve been listening to Jamiroquai, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Boney M, Incubus and specially a Brazilian band called O Rappa.

Electronic Groove: Thanks and all the best for the rest of the year!

Albuquerque: Thanks a lot! I’ve been listening to the EG podcast for years! I really admire this platform and know the importance of it for electronic music! Wish you the best! Bye bye!

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