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Alex Heide: “My Favorite Part Is To Look At The Crowd When Playing My Own Unreleased Tracks”

Alex Heide: “My favorite part is to look at the crowd when playing my own unreleased tracks”

Alex Heide is part of Luxembourg’s Lauter Unfug crew. He just released his first EP on the label named ‘Oddisey’ and today he talks with us about it and other musical topics.

Electronic Groove: Hi, Alex, thanks for chatting with us. Going back in time, where do you come from and what are your early memories related to electronic music?

Alex Heide: Hi! I’m from Luxembourg and I’m 34 years old. The first contact was a dance compilation I bought at a kiosk with tracks from Marusha, Calvin Rotane, Dj Hooligan, among others. It took some time until I liked it 🙂

EG:  You just dropped a mix on EG Spotlight series. Where it was recorded and what you were trying to achieve with this session?

Alex Heide: It was recorded at home. I tried not to be pigeonholed immediately soundwise. There’s so much good music, so many categories and subgenres that I like to play – I tried to do a mix including different styles that I appreciate.

EG: You just launched a new EP, ‘Meet You At The Gate’ on Lauter Unfug. What was the release motivation?

Alex Heide: Apart from my previous releases on Lauter Unfug under the name of my collab-project Haste Midi and a few other single tracks, this is my first personal EP on Lauter Unfug. As co-owner of the label, I think there was no more time to waste to do so! It was more a question of having enough time but in the end I’m happy that it’s finally out.

EG: You are a member of Lauter Unfug. How do you feel to be part of this crew?

Alex Heide: I’m very happy with the crew, to see how we handled situations together because sometimes it has been (and still is) very complicated, especially in Luxembourg. The last years were filled with new challenges, always struggling to find the right location, and after all, keeping the label running on this rhythm with releases every 3 weeks. It all has been much more work than expected but at the end worth it.

EG: When your relationship with them started and what’s the story behind its creation?

Alex Heide: When Lauter Unfug started their first parties, I was already part of another crew called EPR. After my first 2 seasons, the idea to join forces came and we did an event together. It was a good one and slowly things got mashed up.

EG: Can you mention some of your main influences in terms of DJs and producers?

Alex Heide: The ‘Rekorder’ series (2005) by Oliver Huntemann & Stephan Bodzin, Anthony Rother, Daniel Dexter, Booka Shade, Sebastien Leger, Green Velvet and later on from the whole Bar25 sound to the Innervisions gang.

EG: What are your plans in 2019?

Alex Heide: I look forward to spending more time producing and playing more vinyl, thing that I’m rediscovering now.

EG: What about gigs, any confirmed date you are already looking forward?

Alex Heide: I just played in Pratersauna Vienna and Gängeviertel Hamburg. In April we have a Lauter Unfug club night, then a big highlight at Uebel und Gefährlich in Hamburg on April 18th playing with Len Faki, and on the 20th I’ll be back to Saarbrücken at Mauerpfeiffer with my homies!

EG: What’s your favorite part of being an artist?

Alex Heide: My favorite part is to look at the crowd when playing my own unreleased tracks that nobody knows yet.

Alex Heide’s ‘Oddysey’ EP is already available on Lauter Unfug. Grab your copy here.

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