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Alignment: “Do music every day and stay consistent, that’s the way to success and improvement”

DJ and producer based in Berlin, Alignment initiated his musical project in late July of 2015, meanwhile, he became a respected producer in the techno scene. 2014 he got signed by Voxnox, label & agency from Berlin. Alignment dropped heavy EP’s on Voxnox, KNTXT, Involve, ARTS and Etruria Beat. His talent as producer and performance as DJ let him already play around Germany, France & Italy.

With releases to date on the likes of KNTXT, Involve Records, Voxnox, and Etruria Beat, Berlin’s Alignment ranks amongst the shortlist of names to keep an eye on when it comes to emerging producers within the technosphere

We had a chat with Alignment to talk about his latest musical projects.

Electronic Groove: Hi, Alignment, and welcome to Electronic Groove. You’ve had quite a busy year producing with your latest EP ‘1992’ on Involve Records. How has the reception been?

Alignment: Hey, guys, thanks for having me! I’m very happy how all turned out for ‘1992’, it received a lot of support and people loved it as well. That makes me really proud and thankful.

EG: What can you tell us about the production process behind it? And maybe you can share some of your personal techniques or tricks for the new producers out there?

Alignment: For this EP I wanted to give the tracks a proper 90’s vibe. I didn’t use any special techniques or tricks, I got inspired by old school tracks, and just tried to combine the vibrations of the golden age of techno with a more modern interpretation, I created kinda a hybrid rave style. To the new producers I can recommend, work work work. Do music every day and stay consistent, that’s the way to success and improvement.

EG: Why the name “1992”?
Alignment: I was born in 1992 and the tunes have a lot of 90’s influences, so I decided to title the whole EP with dates from 1992 to 1995. Sometimes it’s that easy!

EG: Another recent release is ‘Time’ on Charlotte de Witte’s KNXT. How did you two connected and how was the release proposition?

Alignment: Charlotte and I have known each other artistically for many years, she has always supported my music by including it in her Live Shows, DJ sets and also in her podcasts for large channels such as BBC. Initially, we were in contact because I asked her for a remix for another EP of mine on a different label, but due to time constraints we were unable to do it, so the proposal to do the entire EP on KNTXT came up and I accepted. I’m very happy with the result, maybe there’s another one planned already 🙂

“For this EP, I wanted to give the tracks a proper 90s vibe”

EG: During these last months’ we’ve seen some crazy changes in everyday life with a strong impact on the music industry. What’s your take on the future of dance music and live events?

Alignment: These past few months have been really difficult for our scene. We have a lot of restrictions still, but at least it seems the situation is slowly improving. We had a lot of streams during the lockdown period, initially it was a good thing to stay in touch with your favorite artists and crews. It helped us all, also United We Stream did a lot of good stuff for the scene. My future perspective is, we’ll have fewer streams and hopefully soon more normal club shows and 2021 the festivals again.

EG: Have you done any live streams? How do you feel about them?

Alignment: I did two streams, one for KNTXT release hailing from my studio and one for my Voxnox crew at HÖR Berlin. I didn’t want to do too many streams and exaggerate, that’s why I took it easy and exclusive with streams and rather focussed on productions.

EG: As a resident of Berlin, how is the city coming back to a new normal?

Alignment: Life in Berlin goes on, we’re almost on a normal level again. Just the clubs are still closed, you don’t have this smell of party in the air. At night the streets are more empty. I think soon we’ll be back and ready to rock the favorite clubs in our city.

EG: Going back in time, what are some of your first memories with dance music? Andy specific track or DJ that caught your attention?

Alignment: The first approach with techno was at Cocorico Club in Riccione, Italy, I lived close to the club so for the weekends I went there raving with my friends and had the chance to listen big international guest like Len Faki, who inspired me a lot with his characteristic big kicks. I think all started with the good vibes I had in that venue.

“I think soon we’ll be back and ready to rock the favorite
clubs in our city”

EG: Finally, any upcoming releases or endeavors that we should be looking forward to this year?

Alignment: Sure, I produced a lot, many new tracks are ready and thee EPs are signed already. I drop a single tune on Voxnox’s Serpent Series Vol. III in September, November my next KNXT EP, and December a Voxnox EP comes out on vinyl and digital. Chances are good to make something for a Paris-based label as well, it’s still cooking… Stay tuned for updates.

EG: Many thanks and stay safe!

Alignment: You too, thank you very much for the interview, it was fun!

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