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Alisa: “2018 was a really productive year with lot of good memories”

Formerly known as AlisaSky, Alisa’s non-stop energy and passion continues to flow through her unique sound as she consistently challenges herself creatively whilst building her following throughout the world. In 2018, she released her EP ‘Jungle Rave’ on Natural Viva Black which been supported from names like Petar Dundov and Agents of Time. Right after it she made remix for Adwer track Sierra Sierras which been supported by Animal Trainer and got into Top 100 Minimal/Deep tech releases on Beatport.

We caught with Alisa to talk about his current and future plans.

Electronic Groove: Hi, Alisa, thanks for your time to chat today. How did you get involved with electronic music?

Alisa: Hey guys, Thanks for inviting me!  I’m not a person who will start with the usual story of getting heavily inspired by Kraftwerk on my early years ;) – on the other hand, coming from a very disciplined sports background, a whole new world opened to me when I first started clubbing and I got introduced to the world of techno.

EG: Reading your biography we see that you have played an important role in China’s electronic music expansion. Can you tell us about your experience in that country?

Alisa: China was a really big experience for me. My music career started there. It is famous for super clubs with dance shows and expensive drinks. However, clubbing is more about showing off than music culture. Electronic music is still a new thing there and hardly anyone can teach you electronic music production. It is developing really fast especially in cities like Beijing and Shanghai. I left China 2 years ago but I’m still following electronic music communities there and I can see very big progress.

EG: Can you define your sound in three words?

Alisa: Textural, profound, captivating.

EG: Now moving to 2018 that has been an exciting year for you. Can you give us some insights and highlights?

Alisa: 2018 was a really productive year with lot of good memories. I debuted on  Natura Viva Black with an EP and I made my first remix for Bolygo Records – eventually ended up being the label manager for the label. I’ve done a small european tour and I moved to Barcelona – so yeah it was a wonderful year!

EG: Are you working on new material?

Alisa: Yes, I’m constantly working on new material and also deeply focused on learning new techniques every day. I think I have something interesting for my next EP.

EG: You recently moved to Barcelona, how’s your life there? Any specific reason for the movement?

Alisa: Barcelona is not only very diverse and cultural, it is also a hotbed of world class producers and DJs, with a great clubbing movement – all of this with a lot more pleasant climate than Berlin.

“I’m constantly working on new material and also deeply focused on learning new techniques every day”

EG: What was your favorite tune of 2018?

Alisa:  I would mention a few: Ame – Queen of Toys,  Daniel Avery – Diminuendo,  Luigi Tozzi – Selen, Human Space Machine – Mitochondria and Adwer – Son of the Sun.

EG: How’s 2019 looking like?

Alisa: Taking  my production skills to the next level. Improving  in my  technique  and musicianship. Couple of gigs already booked, I’m hoping to bring my music to more and more listeners and clubbers worldwide. Taking care of  label manager roles to my best abilities and work hard to make it a great year.

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