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Almeida: “When You Really Want Something You Should Just Fight For It”

Almeida: “When you really want something you should just fight for it”

Born in Cartagena, Colombia and raised in Caserta, Italy – in a small town near Napoli – Armando Almeida had already begun to develop his passion for electronic music in his youth by launching many different projects which did leave the proper message and early support by many relevant artists of the main electronic/techno scene around the world. Heavily influenced by a city like Berlin that breaths techno everywhere, he gradually found his way into creating a unique sound, which leads him to the forefront of the European techno scene.

Almeida has been a hard-working DJ-Producer, spending many hours in the studio. He quests tirelessly for new ways and inspiration to further develop his own concept of electronic music. His label A.M.R. (Almeida Music Records) serves as a platform upon which to shape his musical vision, and through its releases, to launch new talents onto the techno scene.

Outside of the club context, Armando Almeida has established himself as a multi-tasking artist. He works most of the time in sound design, postproduction, music for SPA. As a passionate DJ, Almeida seeks to bring his listeners to sounds that will change the moment you are living 360º, balanced by emotional and surprising moments throughout his sets. Between pure techno, acid rave sound, experimental, old school and new age, he expresses feelings by atom vibrations.

We caught up with Almeida to talk about his current musical projects.

Electronic Groove: Hi, Armando, and welcome to EG. Tell us, where are you right now and what have you been up to these last days?

Armando Almeida: Hi EG. I’m doing really well and hope you guys also. Right now I’m living in Austria where I got the opportunity to work for a big company that builds airplanes, called FACC.

In the past days, it was a bit chaotic with all these issues related to the COVID-19. I’m really trying to follow all the standards (gloves, masks, disinfection). Also, I had the possibility to stay at home, enjoy my family, and make some noize!

EG: You recently released ‘Inalcanzable’ on your own imprint Almeida Music. What can you tell us about the production behind it?

Armando Almeida: Each track of ‘Inalcanzable’ was made in different periods of my life in the last 3 years. The last step was last year after I finished a course with a guy that for me is a master on mixdowns. I corrected some mistakes I had on my mixdowns and from there everything is more fluid on my studio time.

EG: What artists or tracks have inspired you to produce modular type techno?

Armando Almeida: I have many artists that have inspired me during my evolution on my techno journey, but to be honest I don’t think my sound followed one of them, cause I was looking for something really mine. What I really follow is the progression or new releases of gears I’m always back such as Moog, Elektron, and Doepfer.

EG: Why the name ‘Inalcanzable’?

Armando Almeida: I did choose this name related to a sound that for me was impossible to reach years ago. But here is the proof! When you really want something you should just fight for it.

EG: What studio equipment was used on the production of the album?

Armando Almeida: Consol Tascam , Elektron ,Doepfer , Moog , Roland.

 “I would like to say that for me music is something so important that when I make it I want to have feelings just on itself”

EG: The album came out on digital and vinyl. What do you like mixing the most and why?

Armando Almeida: My passion is and always will be vinyl. The difference between digital and vinyl is like the one between an automatic car and a manual car, or the one between a pizza cooked in a microwave versus a real Napolitan pizza baked in a real oven.

EG: What are some of your favorite clubs in Berlin? Where do you go the most and why?

Armando Almeida: My favorite Club in Berlin is Berghain – always feel like I am at home in there!

EG: Do you have any gigs coming up your looking forward too?

Armando Almeida: With the current situation of COVID-19, I guess no one has any gigs till next year and I’m not such a fan of streaming!

I have decided to pay my bills with a normal job cause unfortunately, the techno scene is not such a hype (or at least not the one I like ). I would like to say that for me music is something so important that when I make it I want to have feelings just on itself and not thinking on open bills.

EG: Many thanks and we wish you nothing but the best!

Armando Almeida: Thanks so much to you for the space and this great interview, wish you all the best.

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