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AmyElle: ‘I find myself wanting to write more emotion-filled records’

Photo credit: Lauren Barnett

Hailing from Dundee, Scottish sensation AmyElle has taken the music industry by storm with the release of her previous single, ‘Animal Kingdom’. After raiding the Spotify ‘UK House Music‘ playlists, she’s now back with her rave-inspired cut ‘Feel The Heat’ on Another Rhythm.

We caught up with AmyElle to discuss her new single, her progression as an artist, her origins, and what the future has in store for her.

Electronic Groove: Hi AmyElle, how are you doing? We’re truly stoked to have you with us. Where are you based right now? What has the situation been like over there? How have you been handling it?

AmyElle: Hey, cheers for having me! I’m based in London, but during the pandemic I’ve been in Scotland where my family is. Apart from seriously missing the live gigs and the social aspect I’ve found this extra time super valuable as it has given me a chance to knuckle down in the studio and write loads of records. My mum and grandma are the legends in my life and I feel very fortunate that I’ve had this time to spend with them, as I know this hasn’t been the case for many.

Electronic Groove: So, you’re one to make waves! Could you tell us a bit about your musical background and how you got into house music?

AmyElle: Growing up I was influenced by a tonne of different music as my parents listened to a lot of varied stuff. I remember coming home from school and the music would always be blasting: Pink Floyd, The Cranberries, even Mozart… it was a madhouse! And, I suppose rather stereotypically, I’ve always been writing songs and singing with my guitar and piano which lead me to study a BA in Popular Music at LIPA. It is here that I started to explore the world of dance records and produce music. I love writing music and because of my background, I take inspiration from all genres. On Monday I may write a rolling energetic deep bassline and on Tuesday a slow melodic track… I can’t write within one genre! Either way, I want my music to get you in the gut and make an impact. That’s my goal.

Electronic Groove: Were you ever expecting to be on the Spotify UK House Music playlist cover? Was that something you knew was a possibility at any point? Did it have any kind of immediate, palpable impact?

AmyElle: No, I wasn’t expecting to be on the cover and it has been such an honor to be featured, especially that it is so early on in my career and that it has happened twice! Obviously, the exposure has helped generate opportunities for me, and more importantly, I love it because it’s showcasing a female in the industry on such a big platform. People that know me, know that I think it’s important to showcase womxn in such a male-dominated field and I’d hope that this will inspire other womxn to produce and push forward within the industry.

Electronic Groove: And your relationship with Another Rhythm? How did that come about?

AmyElle: Billy Webber, who founded Another Rhythm, reached out to me through Instagram. We got chatting, I showed him some of the stuff I was working on and luckily, he was excited about my music and my vision. Soon after he offered me a deal to release some music on the label and later he became my manager. He hasn’t been able to get rid of me since 😉

Electronic Groove: Did you ever think ‘Down With Me’ would be so well received? It got some crazy support, right? Did that change your perception of where you wanted to go and what you could truly aim for?

AmyElle: So, ‘Down With Me’ was my first release and it will always have a special place in my heart because of this. I never had any expectations for it so it was so great to see how well it was received, it obviously gave me a massive confidence boost and buzz.

When I wrote ‘Down With Me’, I was just getting into the tech house scene, and to be honest, I’ve actually changed quite a bit since this first release. I’m still evolving and developing my sound but ultimately I find myself wanting to write more emotion-filled records that push the boundaries. I want to use my influences from all genres and I love to reflect on the stuff I’m writing.

Electronic Groove: And now you’ve got ‘Animal Kingdom’ out. What was the inspiration behind this one? Would you say you found a signature sound, so to speak?

AmyElle: ‘Animal Kingdom’ came about when I was watching a festival set online. I just had this sudden urge to produce something that gave me the feeling of being at a big rave. Something super immersive, fun and endorphin rushing.

In terms of signature sound, I wouldn’t say I’m there yet but I think it’s rare for artists to get their sound so early on in their career, and releasing tracks and evaluating them is part of the process.

 “I think it’s important to showcase womxn in such a male-dominated field and I’d hope that this will inspire other womxn
to produce and push forward within the industry”

Electronic Groove: Could you tell us a bit more about your process in the studio? Do you follow some ‘formulas’ or exercises that you know already work for you? Or is every tune its own world?

AmyElle: No formulas.  I actually start blank on every project as it lets me be as creative as possible.   I do have a little sample pack of my favorite kicks, claps, etc that I often dive into though.  I tend to quickly come up with a few ideas and then pick one idea and roll with it.  I think I have to just feel it in the moment and not put too much pressure or goals on a record.  I half produce a lot of ideas and then revisit them and some ideas are better than others, but I pick my favorite ideas to finish off and release.

Electronic Groove: So, what’s in store for AmyElle for the rest of 2021? What can we expect from you moving forward?

AmyElle: Loads of releases, and gigs.  I’ve got some live shows planned which I can’t wait to share. Working on new tunes and collaborations in the studio!

Electronic Groove: Thank you for your time AmyElle! We wish you all the best in this adventure! Have a great year!

AmyElle: Thanks for having me!

AmyElle’s ‘Animal Kingdom’ is out now via Another Rhythm. Grab your copy here.

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