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Andrea Onorati: “My source of inspiration is completely sudden and instinctive”

Catania’s own Andrea Onorati is a restless, creative soul that wanders through the artistic spectrum with ease. From image to communications, and music, Onorati is constantly driving forwards, and with a unique sound based in the melodic techno realm, the artist decorates his vision with ambient-emotional shades that turn heads at every drop. 

Always in motion, we caught up with Andrea Onorati to talk about his latest creation ‘Ancient Ruins’, his origins in the industry, inspirations, and hopes for the future.

Electronic Groove: Hi Andrea. How are you? Where are you right now? What have you been up to lately?

Andrea Onorati: Hi guys, I’m very well thanks. I am currently in Catania, the city where I was born. Lately, I’ve been studying new mood arpeggios and updating my djing techniques.

Electronic Groove: How did you get involved with dance music? 

Andrea Onorati: It is something that I have approached since I was a child. Around the 90s, my older sister Emanuela used to go to clubs. I was fascinated by this world full of lights, music, and people. I always told her ‘I want to go with you’, but as you well know children are not allowed in the clubs, hahaha.

Electronic Groove: Can you describe your music in 2 words?

Andrea Onorati: Thank you for the good question! Synaesthetic, contemplative.

“I have to say that ‘Ancient Ruins’ has a slightly
different meaning to me”

Electronic Groove: Last year was your breakthrough year as a producer. Of all the tracks released which one has a special place? Why?

Andrea Onorati: You’re right, I didn’t think I would grow exponentially in such a short time. I owe a lot to Blessed Cross Records and above all to Foby, my master in production and now my elder brother. It is he who, day after day, transmits the secrets of production to me. It is a pity not to have the opportunity to see each other on a daily basis. You know, he lives in Sardinia. So far I have released several songs with the label, but I have to say that ‘Ancient Ruins’ has a slightly different meaning to me. This is because Foby asked me to produce a more organic sound and I must say that once again I won the challenge.

Electronic Groove: Do you have any releases coming up in the next months? What can you tell us about them?

Andrea Onorati: Yes! A remix and an EP are planned for the next few months. For me, it was a privilege to produce a remix of a song made by Foby and Giangi Cappai. The EP will be a real bomb, it will be fun!

Electronic Groove: What are some of the artists that inspire you the most? What is it about them particularly that you find inspiring?

Andrea Onorati: I always try to listen to a lot of music even from different genres, this is very important for me. Among the artists that inspire me, we certainly find Mathame, Artbat, Tale of Us, Stephan Bodzin, Alva Noto, and Recondite. Their production is almost empirical. We get so close to the otherworldly dimension that it is impossible to do without it!

Electronic Groove: When producing, where do you find inspiration? In other music? In your surroundings? Can you elaborate on this?

Andrea Onorati: My source of inspiration is completely sudden and instinctive, I feel like a painter who, with his colors and his canvas, through intuition, chooses the shades, brightness, shades, and contrasts of his work. I hate the concept of ‘project’. Often it results in the absence of creativity, resulting in schematic, static, and therefore limited …

Electronic Groove: What other projects do you have coming up? Any new milestones to look forwards to?

Andrea Onorati: I produce a lot, I try to never stop! Currently, I have finished two other tracks. One of these will have a song by a beautiful person, my dear friend Ylenia. She has a crazy voice! On the other track, I will not reveal anything, it will be an incredible surprise. My goal is to grow and improve day by day!

Electronic Groove: What was your best club night and who was playing? What was it about that night that made it so special?

Andrea Onorati: I remember with pleasure a winter evening at the Mercati Generali of Catania in which Emanuele Inglese made a very super fine, minimal techno DJ set. I didn’t move all evening just to stay focused on technique and on the set in general. Another wonderful experience is linked to a DJ set by Ben Westbeech who, with extraordinary fluidity and experience, was able to perfectly associate his voice with music. All live. As you can well understand, I listen to everything just to learn and understand anything.

“I feel like a painter who, with his colors and his canvas, through intuition, chooses the shades, brightness,
shades, and contrasts of his work”

Electronic Groove: If we’re visiting your hometown, what places do you recommend for food? For drinks? For dancing? And where should we go to buy records?

Andrea Onorati: When will you come? It will be a pleasure to guide you! I would definitely take you to the historic center, letting you taste a typical Sicilian granita. For the evening we will consume a good wine called Nero d’Avola and then ready to go to the Afrobar. You know, in this place I’ve enjoyed a fantastic DJ set by Marco Faraone. For some vinyl, I would recommend the Mercatino delle Pulci near the Catania fruit and vegetable market. There is always interesting stuff there.

Electronic Groove: What have you learned as a producer that you can share with those who are looking to take the same path?

Andrea Onorati: I would certainly try to convey curiosity, interest, and passion for production. I think they are the primary requirements for this fantastic activity.

Electronic Groove: Thanks again and we wish you the best going forward!

Andrea Onorati: Thanks to you, I hope to hear from you soon!

Andrea Onorati’s ‘Ancient Ruins’ is now available via Blessed Cross Records. Grab your copy here

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