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Animal & Me: “Today I can help humans with the thing I love the most, music”

Animal & Me is a multi-faceted artist based in Paris. He distillates his music through dancefloor, yet immersive atmospheres his performances uniquely offer. From deep house to techno, he puts forward this duality and boasts a unique, instinctive approach towards the process of creating music, using the latter as a true expression of his feelings.

We had the chance to talk with Animal & Me as he just released a new EP ‘Ucronie’ on Lost on You.

Electronic Groove: Hi Emmanuel, thanks for chatting with us. Summer is around the corner. What are your plans for the season?

Animal & Me: Hi, my pleasure! I’m finalizing a tour on July on South America, I’ll be in Ibiza with family and friends in August, and I’ll move around for a couple of dates in France and Tunisia during this period.

EG: What is more enjoyable for you? Touring or studio time?

Animal & Me: Both of them. They are totally linked and totally different experiences at the same time which are both very rich in energy. The studio is a very immersive moment in my mind, like a sort of therapy. I communicate with my inner being…my instinctive part, the Animal. I feel blessed when I enter my studio and to have the chance to do this. We should never forget how lucky we are. Touring is a communication with others; it’s all about exchanges and new experiences. And I love travelling and meet people. What would be life without travelling?

EG: Your latest release ‘Ucronie’ just came out. What can you tell us about the production process behind it and your inspiration?

Animal & Me:
My approach to music is very instinctive. I just follow my feelings and I see where it brings me. Animal&Me’s project is based on this approach: Listening to the little voice we often forget to listen too.

EG: The EP was released on Lost on You Music, a record label and benefit program that donates all money raised from the album sales to help with the fight against malnutrition, better health, and sanitary problems in the poorest parts of Africa. What are your thoughts on the project?

Animal & Me: It is very important and I hope this is the beginning of a long story for Lost on You Music. I think that it’s time to for many artists to put aside their ego and to come back to the roots of this movement. Humans, love and music. A lot of money is created from this movement and sometimes I feel It’s too excessive. It’s time to equilibrate all this. Today I can help humans with the thing I love the most, music. How can I refuse that?

EG Do you think more artists should join ‘Lost on You’ and why?

Animal & Me: Of course. From the label, we should do parties which will generate much more money and have an important impact in helping others. For example, Paris is becoming one of the hottest cities in Europe for electronic music, what can you tell us about the music scene there? I followed it from the rave parties in the 90’s to now and it’s always evolving. Paris is just part of a massive movement now. It’s worldwide.

“I think that it’s time to for many artists to put aside their ego and to come back to the roots of this movement”

EG: Can you let us know a little more about yourself? What hobbies do you enjoy other than playing and producing techno? Any guilty pleasure?

Animal & Me: Drinking wine, eating cheese and having fun, what a strange question!

EG: What helps you relax after the intensity and adrenaline of a gig?

Animal & Me: I should say sleeping but I don’t sleep much I think I am a bit hyperactive, so it will be running and training. I am trying to meditate, it’s such a difficult exercise!

EG: We have seen you have releases on Coocon Recording, Hot Creations and Form Music. How did you first hook up with them – who approached who?

Animal & Me: Most of the time it was trough my manager Ghayath, the guy with unicorn hair. Thank you!

Animal & Me’s ‘Ucronie’ is available now. Grab your copy here.

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