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Aparde Talks About His New Album ‘Glass’

Aparde talks about his new album ‘Glass’

Aparde sounds like sensitivity but moving, maybe a bit too much pathos belong a strong contrast between driving rhythms and wide, warm and mainly self-recorded, unique sounds and atmosphere.

Born at the Baltic sea and grown up far away from the scene that is surrounding him now, Paul Camillo Rachel alias Aparde was rooted in several bands, played instruments, do vocals and tried and produced music in many different stylistics.

We had the chance to talk with Aparde as he just released his new album via Christian Loffler’s Ki Records.

Electronic Groove: Hi Aparde, thanks for your time. Your debut LP ‘Glass’ is out in a few weeks, could you tell us a bit about the writing/production process?

Aparde: Thanks. I’ve produced all the album in about one year after moving into my new flat where I had the opportunity to live and work alone for the first time. After selecting the songs for the album from a bunch of projects I’ve made over this time, every song was globally re-arranged and re-edited in a radical way. Now the tracks seem to be more alive and breathing. I did a lot more with edited audio material and recorded part after part within the whole session. That way I get another feeling for the arrangements and dramaturgical structures.

EG: Can you name a few of your main musical influences?  

 Aparde: Rival Consoles, Jon Hopkins, Apparat, Four Tet, Lusine.

EG: You’ve made a concerted effort to reduce the use of digital tools in writing/production this album – how come you decided to adopt this process?

Aparde: I think as long as you can download an uncountable amount of sample packs and loops of every kind it’s important for me to record or compose as much as possible on my own. I’ve reduced the amount of Plugins and instruments because I’ve learned on my own, it’s better to set focus on one thing after another to establish your ‘own’ sound.

EG: What is the most interesting location you visited to record your own sounds?

Aparde: Workshops and manufactures of every kind. Honestly, where my parents live and work. There is so much material there.

EG: What equipment did you use when writing/producing and recording this album?

Aparde: I’ve used selected and familiar hardware instruments and effects like Moog Minitaurus, Prophet 08 or Red Panda Particle and Eventide Space Pedal, among only self-recorded sounds and atmospheres to create a unique and inventive soundscape.

EG: What has it been like working with Christian Loffler and the Ki Records team?

Aparde: Warmly, supportive and demanding how it should be. It was a good time playing alongside Christian and Mohna.

EG: ‘Mouth’ video is very abstract, can you explain a bit more about the thought process behind this and the album artwork?

Aparde: The idea was to visualize my interpretation of the album in form of diffuse and mysterious material. It’s about to see and feel covered with some kind of veil, like a view through milky glass.

EG: Is a tour prepared for the album release? What can we expect from your live show at Village Underground?

Aparde: At first I have to focus my new live set up which is more concert based. I will perform and sing at the same time. I hope the public really enjoy the performance.

Aparde’s ‘Glass’ album is out. Stream/grab your copy here.

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