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Audiofly: “Without The Necessary Discipline, It’s Easy To Get Lost As This Industry, It Literally Eats You Alive”

Audiofly: “Without the necessary discipline, it’s easy to get lost as this industry, it literally eats you alive”

From the sand in Nevada to the beaches of Tulum, Audiofly is in a class of its own. The duo formed by the legendary producers Anthony Middleton and Luca Saporito (with 13 years behind them as a creative partnership) are always looking for the next frontier in pursuit of their own unique sounds. Producers, event organisers, performers and successful label owners, Audiofly is a mature and established partnership, driven and unmatched in their exploration of this modern music lifestyle.

Luca will be playing on May 5th at London’s Nowhere event. We caught up with him to talk about different musical topics. Grab your tickets here.

Electronic Groove: Hi, Luca, great to have you again on EG! How has the year been so far?

Luca from Audiofly: It’s been great so far. So many memorable moments: from SXM to Get Lost via Caprice Festival, this year seems the year of consolidation. The only issue has been finding the time to make some music which has been very little so far. But we’ll get there eventually.

EG: Time flies and next month is upon us. You will be playing at a Nowhere event in London on May 5th alongside Blond:ish, Lazare Hoche, among other artists. What can we expect on your side related to that gig?

Luca from Audiofly: First off, I love working with this promoter. They know how to put on a show and how to take care of their artists so I will make an extra effort to ensure that it will be that little extra special. Also, I love the venue as it has a special vibe so all in all I have very high expectations.

Nowhere Events Cinco de Mayo tickets here

EG: The event is linked to the Mexican Cinco de Mayo celebration. Are you preparing some special tunes to play that night?

Luca from Audiofly: To be honest my folders are always full of special tracks waiting for the right moment to be played. It’s something I feel great pride of: finding a bunch of special tunes that, played at the right time will make the roof explode. But if preparing something special you mean, riding to the DJ booth on a horse then I guess I need to work on that a bit more (laughs).

EG: Haha! For every ticket sold the promoters will donate £1 to Oceanic Global in order to raise awareness about the damaging effects of plastic on our oceans and marine life. What are your thoughts about this?

Luca from Audiofly: Actually this is something we fully support wholeheartedly and we have been involved in similar projects for a very long time. For example, we are tied to a foundation called Pelagic Life which basically works with local fishermen around Mar del Cortez in Mexico to safeguard sharks against overfishing and pollution. I think the time has come for us all to take responsibility for the damage we have created in such short period of time and I am glad that a few promoters around the world are finally leading the way to do something about it.

EG: Does London hold a special place in your heart? Do you have any particular memory of city that you cherish?

Luca from Audiofly: Of course. London holds a special place in my heart and is where I first started DJing and where I cut my teeth as a 20 something many moons ago. Here is a little known fact about me that not many people know: I used to work in Selfridges on the floor and one day the general manager came to me with the idea of putting a DJ on the main fashion floor to entertain customers throughout the day. He asked me if I knew someone that could do that and I replied that I could do that myself, even though I never actually played before!! He asked me to go back the next day fully prepared to start playing music for a full day.

I was terrified. What did I get myself into? Long story short I spent the rest of the day practicing at a friend’s house and the next day I arrived in the place with a bag full of borrowed records fully prepared that I would never get the job. By some miracle, the manager walks through one of my better mixes and gives me a full-time position as a resident DJ right there and then. Can you believe it? And the rest, as they say, is history.

EG: Wow, nice story! Talking about productions, is there any new material planned for the summer season?

Luca from Audiofly: As I mentioned before, time to be in the studio this year has been very thin. But we have managed to finish a remix for one the upcoming album track of ‘Rufüs du Sol’, which should see the light of day this summer.

“London holds a place in my heart and is where I first started DJing”

EG: How has the experience being of running your label? Has it met its initial blueprint or is this something that is constantly evolving into something new?

Luca from Audiofly: Running both Flying Circus and Supernature has been a huge joy this year. We found a flow amongst all the artists and team which I was only dreaming of a few years back. Incidentally today is the release day of Chaim’s EP on Flying Circus, with a remix by Sabo on the flip and I can tell you that the feedback for each release gets better each time. Of course it’s always a work in progress as we are always looking to sign interesting stuff but, by having a solid structure behind, we manage to have a full idea of what it will look musically for us during the whole year. And let me tell you: there are some absolute jewel being put out in the near future. Watch this space.

EG: We will… Now, tell us, with so much touring, how do you find time to chill and relax? Do you practice any activities that help to keep the mind in ease?

Luca from Audiofly: This particular subject has been something I historically always struggled with. My mind would always be focused on work and I’d rarely found the time to truly switch off. But about a year and a half ago, I took on Thai boxing and it has totally won me over. I was never a gym person by nature but with boxing I found myself an outlet that would empty my mind of all the unnecessary weight and truly focus on something that took away all the stress and anxieties I built up. Also, I love the routine of going to the gym to train and it allows me to switch off for a few hours and come back to my work with a totally refreshed perspective.

EG: Looking back and your early years and looking at all the experience gathered throughout the years, what is your advice for those young kids who are venturing into the world of electronic music?

Luca from Audiofly: My main advise today would be to be as disciplined as possible, the more so if you are trying to make a career out of it. Without the necessary discipline, it’s easy to get lost as this industry, it literally eats you alive. The traveling, the long nights, the sleep deprivation: all these things add up and your mental health starts suffering because of it so discipline is single-handedly the most necessary tool at your disposal. And once you’ve made it, consistency is the other ability which is absolutely necessary to stay afloat.

EG: What is the hardest part of being Audiofly?

Luca from Audiofly: The long travels and my inability to settle down. I give everything to my work most of the time and my personal life suffers because of it

EG: And the best one?

Luca from Audiofly: Being able to have a partner with whom you’re able to share all those incredible moments with.

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