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Audiofly: “The Secret is to Always Test Yourself, Never go for the Easy Hit”

With 13 years behind them as a creative partnership Anthony Middleton and Luca Saporito AKA Audiofly have accumulated unparalleled experience through their endeavours and continue to put everything into maintaining their careers at the highest level.

We had the chance to exchange thoughts with them ahead of a new Crosstown Rebels release and the launch of their new imprint, Flying Circus Recordings.

Electronic Groove: Hi Anthony and Luca, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. So you have a new release coming up on Crosstown Rebels this August 25th. How was the process of producing In The (Last) Moment’, and the incorporation of Georgia Lewis in the vocals?

Audiofly: The process was really enjoyable, so often in dance music it’s about a sample (maybe two), a couple of tricks and some really solid beats. Doing this project was like getting back to the old school where you work the vocalist, let them express themselves and follow their vibe. It was really fun to find layer upon layer of harmonies and in actual fact the original version was more related to a soul track…even beat-wise.

It was only later that we did our thing on the rhythm section. Had we gone at that part to early we would have ended up with a different experience probably.

Electronic Groove: Robag Whrume is on the remix duties, did you give him any input?

Audiofly: We’ve been trying to have Gabor Remix on one of our tracks for ages. He’s extremely picky with the stuff he does and rightly so. We’ve sent him a bunch of stuff before this one but he was never truly convinced. When we actually sent the track with Georgia he messaged me within a few hours and asked for the parts immediately. He wanted to get into immediately. He sent the finished remix a day or two later and we could immediately tell it was going to be a hit.

Electronic Groove: Have you worked with him before?

Audiofly: We’ve worked with him for Flying Circus. We’ve booked him several times at our parties and he ALWAYS delivered. He has such a unique style behind the decks and goes absolutely nuts. But we’ve never had the chance of seeing him in action in the studio but we’ve always been huge fans. To have him remix one of our tracks on one of the most respected labels in the industry it’s truly a dream come true.

Electronic Groove: It’s not the first time you release on Crosstown Rebels. How’s the relationship with Damian Lazarus?

Audiofly: We have known Damian for many years. We used to take time out of studio and go down and see him at his party ‘Stink’ in London more than 12 years ago. That’s how it started… That was a very inspiring era. He was also one of the first people to get involved in our secret charity event we do every year in Mexico which shows exactly where he is at I think 🙂

He’s always been someone we respect both as a DJ and music business mogul, and our friendship has also grown over the years in a very solid and genuine way. He is someone we always happy to bump into….in airports, clubs , wherever. Love that guy.

Electronic Groove: What’s the secret to keep producing fresh and passionate music?

Audiofly: We think the secret is to always test yourself, never go for the easy hit. Following a formula because people demand it is almost musical death to us, which is probably why we have never been a huge act, we just don’t really enjoy it if it’s not pushing the boundaries of our own tastes and experience.

I think that’s where the passion comes from. Once something has been made, what’s the point in ‘milking it’ for the sake of commerce? That’s just not art and the passion dies, at least in us.

So every track we make tends to just wander off on its own course and take the form it’s supposed to without forcing it. It’s a bit like sculpture we guess. Discovering or maybe better said, uncovering those hidden forms inside yourself is where it’s at.

Electronic Groove: We just heard about Flying Circus Recordings. What’s the direction of the new label?

Audiofly: We have enough experiences running labels now. Supernature has always been our baby but it’s time for it to take some rest and give space to our new creation. The approach is similar but with more emphasis on people we’re currently booking to our parties and some new blood who we’re keeping an eye on. The direction is very simple: anything that we would absolute play in any of our sets with a keen eye on melodies and production values. There will be deeper stuff as well as more main floor bombs and anything in between. We’ve several EP’s lined up including Francesca Lombardo, Guti, Wareika, Eric Volta Luca Bacchetti and many more. We think opening this label was the peak of everything we worked towards. It makes total sense to streamline everything into one single name. We’re truly excited how it’s turning out so far.

Electronic Groove: Any Flying Circus event planned for the Summer / Autumn period?

Audiofly: We’ve been celebrating the 10 years’ anniversary all year! We’ve had parties all over the world and they’ve been extremely successful but we’ve decided not to do too many parties or anything that doesn’t make absolute sense to us, quality over quantity is the ethos. The one we’re most excited about is our collaboration with This & That (Davide Squillace’s label) at ADE on October 21st. We’ve an incredible line up for it: Davide, Azimute, Cassy, Manfly Martin Buttrich and a very special guest who’s friend with all of us. If you think a little you can just guess who that is. 🙂

Flying Circus

Electronic Groove: You’ve spent a lot of your time touring around the world. What have been the challenges of doing this for some many years?

Audiofly: The only real challenges are physical and mental health. The playing part, meeting new people, revisiting old friends, the sharing part is something that will never get old and just doesn’t feel like work but the travelling thing is often quite brutal. We got quite sick at some point but through that period we have discovered many different ways to combat the drain that is touring. Basically eat well, do yoga, do exercise, meditate and get enough sleep whenever you can fit it in. That’s the simple secret of keeping yourself fresh in this wonderful hurricane of a job.

In The (Last) Moment’ will be out August 25th on Crosstown Rebels.

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