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Basti Grub: ” I Use Every Spare Minute At The Studio”

Basti Grub: ” I use every spare minute at the studio”

Basti Grub’s unique and multi-facetted sound has evoked dance music innovation throughout the years. With releases on Desolat and Get Physical his productions have ben gracing dancefloors all over the world. His work has received acclaim from Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano to name a few and with his recent release on Baile Musik, the German born producers work rate does not let up.

We sat down with him recently to discuss his recent releases and his upcoming plans for 2017.

Electronic Groove: Hello Basti, how are you? We enjoyed your recent release on Baile Musik which has been well received in the Beatport minimal charts. What’s your relationship with the label?

Basti Grub: Hi guys, I’m well. Thanks for the compliments on the release. Luca (label chief of Baile Musik) and I are good friends and I’m sure there will be more releases in the future.

Electronic Groove: You have a very unique sound. Your tracks have featured samples of animal noises and other exotic features. What are you trying to portray thought your productions?

Basti Grub: I would characterize my tracks and the way I produce as a journey where I like to discover strange or unusual sounds such as animal noises.

“My interest in music started really early on at the age of 10”

Electronic Groove: You were born in Frankfurt. How did it all start for you? Were you interested in music from an early age?

Basti Grub: My interest in music started really early on at the age of 10. I had piano lessons and a few years later I got my first synthesizer to start producing music.

Electronic Groove: Would you say living in Frankfurt gave you a platform for your music?

Basti Grub: Not necessarily, I do have a residency here and quite a few labels are based in Frankfurt these days but it hasn’t always been like this.

Electronic Groove: What happened with your own imprint ‘Hohenregler’. Was that the label that gave you recognition to have your tracks played by Ricardo Villalobos and Loco Dice?

Basti Grub: I consider ‘Hohenregler’ as my baby because it all started with the label and I am sure that it piqued the interest of artists like Ricardo Villalobos and others.

Electronic Groove: What’s your relationship with those artists?

Basti Grub: I released a couple of tracks on Loco Dice’s label and I am on a ‘Hi’ base with him.

Electronic Groove: You’ve had an impressive work rate over the years, how did you end up releasing on the likes of Get Physical and Desolat?

Basti Grub: I repeatedly sent demos to those labels until the sound was right.

Electronic Groove: Who would you say your main influences are?

Basti Grub: My work is influenced by Björk, Depeche Mode and Ricardo Villalobos to name a few.

“I use every spare minute to spend it at the studio”

Electronic Groove: Your tracks contain so many diverse elements? What is your studio set-up like?

Basti Grub: I mainly work with Logic and Ableton and I use lots of hardware (analog) synthesizers or modularsystem and so on.

Electronic Groove:  You have a busy gigs schedule. How do you balance touring and studio time?

Basti Grub: I use every spare minute at the studio working on new productions.

Electronic Groove:  What does the future hold for Basti Grub? Any exciting releases in the pipeline we should be looking out for?

Basti Grub: I have different releases coming up but my personal highlight is the release on This and That label  named ‘I Only Like You’ EP to be out very soon.

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