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Beatamines: “For This Album I Changed My Mindset As This Was A Special Release To Celebrate My 10 Years Producing Electronic Music”

Beatamines: “For this album I changed my mindset as this was a special release to celebrate my 10 years producing electronic music”

DJ, Producer, Grafik Artist and A&R manager at Lauter Unfug, the multi-talented Pascal Augner aka Beatamines should really need no introduction. Constantly booked up with gigs, his colorful and melodic sound has helped him groove all the way up to being one of the top DJ’s in Germany.

We had the chance to talk with Beatamines as he just released his second LP, entitled ‘X’.

Electronic Groove: Hi Beatamines, thanks for chatting with us. Congrats on your new album ‘X’ on Lauter Unfug, how do feel about this achievement?

Beatamines: Hi, it’s also a pleasure for me. First I’m more than satisfied with the outcome of this long-player overall and, of course, that the whole work is finished.

EG: Where it was recorded?

Beatamines: Mainly in my own studio in Magdeburg, except for the collaboration stuff, even the mixing and mastering was DIY.

EG: The LP has 11 tracks. Personally, does any of them stand out from the rest? Or was any of the tracks harder to develop?

Beatamines: ‘Good‘. Period. This track combines everything which matters in my life: Positive thinking and the love for my family and friends.

EG: You collaborate with David Keno and Seth Schwarz, how did you link with them? How was the working method? Did you get together in the studio or was this something remote?

Beatamines: David and I did a couple of collaborations in the past. And Seth I met last year on a gig. We were working completely remote on these tracks which requires a bit more communication, but at the same time, everyone can work in their natural habitat.

EG: Looking back to your two albums ‘X’ and ‘Echoes’, what would you say is the difference between both?

Beatamines: ‘Echoes’ was truly darker and more serious, speaking in terms of the sound at all. But on ‘X’ I changed my mindset as this was a special release to celebrate my 10 years producing electronic music.

EG: Is there a tour planned to promote the album’s release? How’s your summer agenda looking like?
Beatamines: The tour is taking place from may 2018 to may 2019, but these are more tour stops than an actual tour with lots of traveling. For the summer there is a vacation with my family planned also.

EG: EG: Do you keep an eye open for what others are doing? Are there any producers out there that you might recommend on listening too?

Beatamines: Definitely Maceo Plex, which inspired me a lot. Also, KINK or Tale of Us have some nice sounds over there.

EG: Are you working on new material or you prefer to stay focused on ‘X’ promotion?

Beatamines: Of course, I have to focus on promotion but there is always some fresh stuff in the pipeline.

EG: If you would have to choose, what would be your all-time favorite track?

Beatamines: Gloria Estefan – Conga

Beatamine’s ‘X’ is available now. Grab your copy here.

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