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BLANCAh: “I wanted to create timeless songs that could last more than a season”

Brazilian Dj and Producer BLANCAh is about to release her first album on Steyoyoke after delivering a continuum of highly acclaimed releases. She defines her musical identity through melodic compositions, often featuring her signature dark quirky soundscapes.

Her music is clearly a reflection of her love for all things strange and wonderful. Also she was recently awarded at the “Rio Music Conference” with the “Revelation Of The Year” award.

We had the chance to talk with her about her new album release, Soul Button relationship and Brazilian touring tips.

Electronic Groove: Hi BLANCAh, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. To get things started how’s 2016 been so far?

BLANCAh: Hi guys. Thank you for this opportunity. My 2016 has been wonderful so far. Since the beginning, I’ve been working hard, have had many wonderful gigs, been to amazing clubs and had the opportunity to travel extensively through my country – Brazil. Also visited Europe and the United States. Now in late September I will be releasing my first album and then return to Europe to promote it. I am very happy and confident.

“I think an album is a very special moment in the life of an artist”

Electronic Groove: You are about to release your first album ‘Nest’ on Steyoyoke. Tell us about the experience. You use your own vocals in some of the tracks?

BLANCAh: I think an album is a very special moment in the life of an artist. It is the moment in which the artist shows his/her skills as a Producer, shows their musical references and tells a consistent story through the music. This is what I seek with ‘Nest’. The album is a true picture of what I am. I wanted to create timeless songs that could last more than a season, and for that reason is not focused only on the dancefloor. Five of ten songs are sung by me, and the last one is in Portuguese.

Electronic Groove: Any highlight or track that is special for you?

BLANCAh: I’m very proud of the entire set of this work. I like all the songs. But there is one in particular that may represent the concept of the album, it’s called ‘Learning to Fall’. It is a long musical journey of 15 minutes that starts light and grows slowly. I think it’s a really special song.

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Electronic Groove: Also you are involved with the album art. What was the inspiration? Are you a regular illustrator?

BLANCAh: I’ve actually always been an artist. I studied visual arts at College and also finished a Master of Arts. So this is an important part of my life.

I’ve done all the covers of Steyoyoke Black and for my own cover I did the artistic direction. I said exactly what I wanted to the Illustrator do. My idea was to create a fusion between me and the nest, and after a few sketches and attempts the art was ready. I also created and ran the album photo shoot. We did all the work in the middle of my living room and the photos were taken by the great photographer Carlos May.


Electronic Groove: How did you meet Soul Button and his Ethereal Techno?

BLANCAh: I met Soul Button when he came to play in Brazil in 2013, and we became good friends. My life changed in the middle of that dancefloor when he started to play. His sounds and Steyoyoke style were absolutely new things for me. Then I decided to reach him after the party and he was super nice with me. That’s how it all started. Since then, we talk every day about work, music, tours and projects. At least once a year I’m in Berlin to work close to him and play in Europe.

Electronic Groove: Besides the album release any other project, release or tour you are looking forward?

BLANCAh: Yes, I’m going to Europe to release the album and I’m really looking forward to this tour. In early October I’ll play with the Steyoyoke family on our label party in Beirut. I will also going to play in Brussels, Geneva and Tunisia.

“We have amazing clubs, a passionate audience for electronic music, and a very well educated crowd, musically speaking”

Electronic Groove: Tell us your thoughts about current Brazilian electronic music scene?

BLANCAh: Brazil has an absurdly strong scene, especially in the country’s South and Southeast. We have amazing clubs, a passionate audience for electronic music, and a very well educated crowd, musically speaking. In terms of DJ’s and producers, I think we are in the best moment. We have names like ANNA, Elekfantz, Victor Ruiz, Zopelar, L_cio showing to the world their art in diverse styles. And the good thing is that we are all connected in certain way. There’s a friendly atmosphere now and I feel that there is a growing understanding of union rather than competition.

Electronic Groove: How would you invite some clubbing tourists to visit Brazil?

BLANCAh: Guys, come to Brazil with your minds and hearts open. You will have so much fun in our dance floors and will feel all the heat of a passionate audience for electronic music. I invite you to begin the journey of our nation’s capital Brasilia enjoying a night at the 5uinto club. Then you must visit São Paulo, for the legendary club D-Edge, and of course you must live the incredible experience that parties like ODD, CapsLock and Mamba Negra are creating in the city. Then come to the South of the country, where the first stop should be in Curitiba at Club Vibe. Going down a little on the map, you should stop by the beach to live another fantastic experience in another legendary club Warung. An hour from there, heading south, you must stop in my city Florianopolis and have another amazing night at Terraza Club. And if you have time, you must finish your trip by going to the city of Passo Fundo and experience a night at the incredible Beehive club. This would be a first tour through the most traditional and strong clubs of our scene. But of course there are other small clubs, parties and festivals that are equally awesome and which encourage our scene, making our country a wonderful place to live the electronic music life style.

Electronic Groove: Can you name 3 tracks on rotation on your recent sessions?

BLANCAh: I’ve been oftenly playing some amazing songs like:

Alex Justino – Antilophia (Original Mix): This is unreleased yet and will be out in a few months.
D-Mode – Orion (Original Mix): A beautiful track.
• And my friends from Vomee with Alex Schaufel – ABNORMAL (Original Mix).

Electronic Groove: Any female artist recommendation?

BLANCAh: Yes, there’s one girl called Dansor and she has a super nice project with her band mixing organic sounds with electronic grooves. I plenty recommend her music.

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