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Blinkie: “I’m always happy and grateful to have music out”

Blinkie has been making music since the age of 15 and shows no signs of holding back now. With a rich portfolio of music, the producer and DJ does not limit himself to just one genre or sound. His latest release ‘Don’t Give Up (On Love)’ has taken the dance scene by storm, with firm support already achieved from the likes of BBC Radio 1, Kiss FM, Capital, Capital Extra and more. A passionate artist, Blinkie has been labeled as ‘one to watch’ by DJs and bloggers on the scene.

We caught up with Blinkie to talk about his latest musical projects.

Electronic Groove: Hi, Blinkie, thanks for your time. Your debut single “Don’t Give Up (On Love)’ reached 20 million plays on Spotify and remains popular today. Did you ever expect it would do as well as it did? 

Blinkie: Hello EG team, I didn’t really expect anything from the song, I was just happy to finally have some music out, to be honest.

Electronic Groove: You recently released ‘Little Love’ featuring Grace Tither which The Guardian called “one of the songs of the summer”, were you surprised at all with the reaction it received and to hear your song on the biggest show on UK TV (Love Island)?

Blinkie: I was shocked when I saw it the newspaper, just like any other song I’ve put out I’m always happy and grateful to have music out and to be able to put music out at that level. I was really pleased with the reaction that it received and hearing it on Love Island was definitely a highlight of my year.

EG: You’ve since followed that up with another big hit in the shape of ‘Must Be Love’ featuring Celina Sharma. How did you guys link up? Can you describe the production process and where it was recorded?

Blinkie: Well, the song was written in 2010/11 but then last year I went back to it and revamped the production because I always thought it was a great song. Then I got linked up with Celina through Shaurav at 2TE, who I am signed to. When I heard her voice I instantly thought that should be perfect for the song. So we set up a session and just knocked it out with the help of Diztortion at his studio.

EG: Release wise what else is planned in the coming months? 

Blinkie: I’ve got a lot more music to release including some underground club tracks.

EG: Apart from the music side you manage a clothing line, Profit X Loss. How this business is going? 

Blinkie: The business is going great, building nicely every year. Next year we are looking at launching a new collection.

EG:  Last but not least, you also cooperate with charity initiative In-House Recordings. Can you tell us more about it?

Blinkie: InHouse Records is a label that I’ve been working with for a while now. It is the world’s first fully functional record label to be launched in prison, created with and by prisoners. InHouse Records is a label for change, wishing to see safer communities, less victims of crime, and for prisoners; rehabilitation and employment with dignity and aspiration.

I love what they are doing and try to do my bit to help the cause. A lot of the guys I’ve met from Inhouse are super talented and getting an opportunity to create, perform and release their music might be the thing that takes their life in to a completely new direction.

EG: What are your plans for the Winter season?

Blinkie: It’s that time of year to re-evaluate my goals and create a game plan for 2020. I’m going to have a bit of chill time during Christmas but I’m definitely going to be focused on my plans ahead in 2020.

Blinkie – Must Be Love (feat. Celina Sharma) is out now. Buy and stream here.

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