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Boris Brejcha: “Health is the most important thing in life!”

Boris Brejcha has become one of the most exciting artists of our times. His minimal techno style has been praised by fans all over the world.

As he continues to play at the most prestigious festivals and clubs, we had the chance to chat with him about his many important topics including his coming appearance at the 2018 edition of Love Family Park.

Electronic Groove: Hi Boris, thanks for chatting with us. You have a hectic tour ahead of you with dates in Europe, South America and then back Europe. How do you get yourself ready for such an intense schedule?

Boris Brejcha: Thanks for inviting me. Well… yes, that’s like a little competition every time. But I think that I have solved a good plan for myself. The most important things are sleep and good food. Our agency is taking care of the traveling route and ensuring that there is enough time to rest. I guess it is not possible all the time, because sometimes the schedule is really intense. But most of the time, it works really well and I am happy about how my agency works for me. To be healthy is always the first matter of doing any booking.

EG: In a couple of months, you will be playing at Germany’s oldest open-air techno festival; Love Family Park. What are your expectations for this special event?

Boris Brejcha: I think I will do it like I always did. No expectations at all. That’s the best way to experience a festival/club, when you play there for the first time. We learned in the past, if you always have big expectations, it can only be not that good in the end. That’s why I do not think about it too much. Go with the flow and see what happens. That’s my strategy all the time. Because I know that I am getting really nervous, like 1-2 hours before I play. It is all the time like this. Then… the bathroom is my best friend.

EG: Did you ever go to Love Family Park as a spectator? Any anecdotes you could share with us?

Boris Brejcha: To be honest,  no I didn’t. I was not really the party guy in the past. Before producing and performing music, I never went to any club or festival. It was not really my way of life. For me, it was much more relaxed to meet friends, go out for dinner or meet them in a good Bar – talking about anything. But actually, I have to say, I really like to make a party and I also went to some different parties in my free time as a guest. I love dancing. This is my most favorite sport right now.

EG: You’re sharing the stage with artists such as Chris Liebing, Pan-Pot, Dixon, Maceo Plex, and Ricardo Villalobos to name a few. Have any of them influenced your evolution as an artist?

Boris Brejcha: No. Not really. My influences came from Stephan Bodzin or Der Dritte Raum. When I was a child and started to produce my own music. Also from Armin van Buuren or Paul van Dyk. I was nearly buying all their Single CDs in the past. And I tried to produce a lot of trance music in the beginning, before I switched to minimal and techno. There was one point when trance music became a little bit boring to me. and techno was like so much fresher at that time. Nowadays, I am totally in love with techno music. But for me to be more interesting it needs to have always a little touch of trance elements. That’s the way how I produce.

EG: Your mask is an important prop in your performances. What’s the story and meaning behind it?

Boris Breach: The mask was coming like a random thing. My first gig in my life was in Brazil. I thought that I needed to do something different because there were so many Dj’s out there. I was thinking about the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and everyone there has a nice costume while doing party. So, I decided to search on the web for the best solution for me. A mask which represents my style of music in the best way. Then I found the joker mask. Since then I always play with the mask. There is not even a meaning behind, but I like the atmosphere the mask creates when I’m performing.

“And that’s the way how you should be with your fans because
they are the most important people”

EG: Has social media changed your approach on how you relate to your fans? Has it been good or bad?

Boris Brejcha: For me, good. I always stay contact with my fans. Answering every single message on Facebook, Instagram and more. So, there is not really a change for me. It makes it just easier to communicate. I like it. My fans love it. And that’s the way how you should be with your fans because they are the most important people.

EG: Your list of productions dates to 2006. You must be “FCKNG SERIOUS” when it comes to studio time?

Boris Brejcha: Well… yes. I really love to produce music. One or two tracks in one week are easy to handle. I was always more the guy who is sitting at home and producing, instead of performing on stage. If I needed to decide, I would stay at home 🙂 But of course, I really like to travel and to perform on stage. I mean, to see the reactions from the crowd when you play your own music, is just incredible. And I play 100% my own music. Since the beginning of my career. This makes it even more special.

EG: Talking about your label, “FCKNG SERIOUS”, has it evolved as expected in terms of vision and music?

Boris Brejcha: Yes. We didn’t expect much when we started. The first intention was to release whatever we like. But if I watch back now… and see the last 2 years, what we have done. It is more than impressive. We are just a small team and have done so many label nights all over the world. In Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, India and all over Europe. People are screaming “Fckng Serious” on the gigs 🙂 Also we released so many good music and did a really nice “Fckng Serious Europe Bus Tour” last year, with a Nightliner. I think I cannot complain! It worked more than perfect in the last 2 years. We are a little family, close friends, which makes it even nicer.

EG: Are there any new productions coming out for the summer time season?

Boris Brejcha: I am sure. Yes. There is a lot in the pipeline. I am planning to do my next album this year and some singles. Of course, we plan more releases from our label artists: Ann Clue, Deniz Bul and Theydream. Besides the music releases, we are already planning a second ‘Bus Tour’. This time we are only going to do it in France. Traveling 14 days through France and playing maybe 6 or 8 shows. And we are focused on my ‘Boris Brejcha Showcases’ this year, which will happen in Europe but mostly in Germany. The ‘Showcase’ is a combination of my music and “on point “produced visuals. With lots of lights and a big LED screens. The next shows we are going to have will be in Berlin, Cologne, Augsburg, Hamburg and Budapest.

“I love dancing. This is my most
favorite sport right now”

EG: Moving on a different direction, we’ve seen artists talk about depression and how touring has taken a massive toll in their personal life and mental health. Have you ever been through tough times during your career? Can you provide any advice to those who are going through some tough times?

Boris Brejcha: Actually, I think I am lucky after 10 years of traveling. But I always try to keep calm and relaxed. Sleeping as much as possible, no junk food if possible and a nice and beautiful hotel. I think everybody reacts differently. Some people can handle more and some people less. I had one small situation last year. I was coming back from a 4 week South America Tour. And after 5 days I needed to fly to Australia for another big tour. 2 days before leaving to Australia, I was starting to getting sick. I went to the doctor and he told me I have something like flu, and I needed to relax. Then we canceled the tour. When I heard that it was 100% canceled, from one day to another I was not sick anymore.

That was the point where I learned that I suffered from stress and not the flu or something similar. I had this situation one time, and I do not want to have it again. At the moment, we are already taking much more care about our artists, and already have my own plan to play less in 2019. Just doing more holidays and studio days. We already planned vacations in 2019 from January till the end of March. I’m sure we will expand it in the future. I was shocked when I heard about the Avicii’s news. Health is the most important thing in life! No shows or money can be more important.

EG: A few artists have mentioned that one of the perks of touring is having the possibility to experience worldwide gastronomy. Where and what would be your last supper?

Boris Brejcha: Yes. That’s a really good thing. I love to have these different experiences! My last dinner would be in Tel Aviv, Israel. Because I love hummus. Of course, we can have hummus in Germany too… no, it is not the same 🙂

EG: Do you have any plans or projects other than music? Where do you envision yourself in the future?

Boris Brejcha: Actually, there are so many plans in my mind. I have done a list, which reminds me all the time. But there is no plan yet. After Djing, I could do a lot. Producing tracks for other artists, doing remixes, expand our Fckng Serious label, doing masterclasses or doing masterings. There is so much to do for me. I also would love to produce some music for games or movies in the future. This would be massive and is still a little dream. But for now, I am totally ok.

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