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Boris Werner: “Djing Is Still My First Love But After Releasing Music For 10 Years It Slowly Feels Like My Second Love”

Boris Werner: “Djing is still my first love but after releasing music for 10 years it slowly feels like my second love”

Boris Werner’s love for house music runs deep – so deep, that his passion for house music is evident in every set he plays. A venue-filling personality with a decade of experience – armed with releases starting with his first one on Remote Area and continuing on Supplement Facts, Rush Hour, Moon Harbour, Soweso, Get Physical and a residency at the world famous club TROUW – his eager performances and crowd-pleasing antics keep him in high demand across dance floors the world over, from DC-10 to Studio 80 and beyond. Cutting his teeth across some of the most influential nights in Holland, his flawless reputation to work any crowd has marked him as an exciting figure – one that’s ready to inject club-land with a refreshing, restless approach to the dance floor.

We had the chance to talk with Boris Werner as he just released a new EP ‘Badabing Badaboum’ on Luca C & Brigante’s See Double label.

Electronic Groove: Hey Boris, thanks for taking the time to speak to us. How was the summer for you?

Boris Werner: Thank you for having me. Summer was great, played some dope parties and festivals in and outside of Holland, and had some amazing moments in the DC10. In Amsterdam, it feels already like the summer is over but luckily I will follow the sun a little bit more the next few weeks.

EG: Your new release just went out on Luca C & Brigante’s label See Double. How did you come to release on the label and what is the inspiration behind the release?

Boris Werner: Luca and I became close friends after a Paradise party at Gazgolder in Moscow where we both played… After that, we stayed in touch and decided to work with each other at some point. That moment came quite quickly after I sent him some new music. He instantly wanted to release it, and for me it felt good to do it at See Double.

My inspiration came mostly from the dancefloor, after multiple sessions I found myself in the studio trying to relive those moments. These 3 tracks are excerpts of those early moments.

EG: Have you been spending a lot of time in the studio lately?

Boris: I actually spent a lot of time in the studio the last few months. A lot of collaborations with friends, working on some remixes for Luna City Express and more.

EG: Is producing something you enjoy and how do you compare it to your love for DJing?

Boris: Djing is still my first love but after releasing music for 10 years it slowly feels like my 2nd love… Getting better at it bit by bit, which gives me the confidence to push it further.

EG: What is your favorite gear that you use in the studio at the moment?

Boris: That will be the Eventide H3000 Harmonizer, it’s a multi-processor that I use for almost everything I record, totally hooked. Can’t even imagine how I did all those years without, haha

Next to that, I’m getting more and more into the Roland Sh-101, such a versatile piece of equipment.

EG: What are your plans for the next year and do you have any other releases coming up?

Boris: I’m planning some new dates for my bi-monthly club night in club Claire, called ‘Caught In A Bubble’. Next to that I want to release music more frequently, nothing planned yet but that’s high on my to-do list.

Boris Werner’s ‘Badabing Badaboum’ EP is available on See Double label.

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