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Boy North: “Being able to control people’s feelings when playing live is something really special”

Photo credit: OJ Media

Boy North is one of Scotland’s most promising up-and-coming Melodic & Deep House producers. Hailing from the city of Edinburgh, Boy North started out as a Dj from a very early age.  Learning his craft and gaining musical roots from his father, he went on to play for some of the biggest events the capital had to offer. After hearing Lane 8’s “Hot As You Want”,  in 2015, he instantly fell in love with the melodic side of house music. Boy North then started his music production journey in late 2016 and never looked back. Having support from names like Kolsch, Lane 8, Joris Voorn, and Cristoph it looks to be a bright future for this very talented young artist.

We had a chat with Boy North to talk about his new single ‘Dream Of A Better Tomorrow’ ou now via Another Rhythm.

Electronic Groove: Hi, Boy! It’s a pleasure to have you here with us for a chat. How have you been doing? How are things in Scotland at the moment?

Boy North: First, of all thanks so much for having me! I am doing really well! Finally, being able to see friends and family again has been amazing, and having some kind of social life again has also been a plus (laughter).

Electronic Groove: Let’s dive into your background for a bit. You dipped your toes in music thanks to your father, right? What kind of music did he use to enjoy? At what age did you start defining ‘your’ sound?

Boy North: Yes, so my dad used to also DJ for a local radio show where I grew up in the north of Scotland, so music was always a big thing at home growing up. My dad has the biggest collection of vinyl which varies from all kinds of 70’s and 80’s disco, funk, and soul, so having that there really put me in good stead to head down the music route. I have such a vast taste in music, but it wasn’t really until I started my production journey that I started to find my sound. I think I basically figured it out when trying to write different genres of house and always subconsciously adding melodic elements.

Electronic Groove: When did your start with music production? Was there a moment of ‘revelation’, or an album that drove you to take up production?

Boy North: I have been DJing for years now. I think the reason I started producing was seeing some of my favorite artists live at clubs and festivals playing their own music, and that really inspired me, really made me imagine how good it must feel to be able to play your own music in a room (or field) full of people!

Electronic Groove: What kind of sound or instrument are you usually a sucker for? What would you say that makes for a good dancefloor-oriented track?

Boy North: This is a real tough one! I think a great dance floor track would be a nice warm grooving bassline and pumping kick. For me, when writing, I always try to keep the track emotive as I can.  A foundation of some beautiful piano chords really sets you up. Well, for writing something really special. I feel also a sucker for a big string-filled breakdown too. Hands in the air, eyes closed, a moment… You know, the one!

“It wasn’t really until I started my production journey that I started to find my sound”

Electronic Groove: Speaking about dancefloor bangers, you’ve got ‘Dream Of A Better Tomorrow’ out now. Congratulations on this beautiful track. How has the current global situation affected your creativity and overall mood? Is this something that’s reflected on the title of the track?

Boy North: Thanks so much! This whole journey has been nothing short of amazing so far. I was actually meant to be flying to Ibiza for the season to DJ before the pandemic struck, which looking at it now. That was the best thing that could happen really. For my career, that is, it gave me the time to properly focus and get my head down in the studio and it thankfully now seems to be paying off! With this EP, again, I think I subconsciously had written each individual track about certain parts of the lockdown, and how not? Just myself. But how the whole world was feeling? From the frustrations to the hopefulness and everything in between, I really tried to capture that in each release, and, hopefully, people can really feel and relate to each one.

Electronic Groove: How far off do you actually think we’re away from a better tomorrow? Are we on the right track?

Boy North: It’s changing every day! I’d be lying if I said I knew for definite if this was all going to be over soon, but it is certainly going in the right direction, I feel. I think we just need to keep up all the amazing work that we have all done and stick together and we will be back on those dancefloors before we know it! I was back behind the decks at an event in London recently, and, man! it was good to feel some kind of normality again for sure!

Photo credit: OJ Media

Electronic Groove: This one is a particularly uplifting cut. What kind of feelings do try to convey on the dancefloor? What are your favorite moments in a set?

Boy North: I think being able to control people’s feelings and emotions when playing live is something really special that I’m sure every other DJ and producer would agree. In my set, I always try to tell a story, instead of just picking any old tune from a random long-lost folder on my USB (laughter). Obviously, the big explosive drops are always amazing! But, as I said earlier, for me, it’s the big emotive breakdowns that I think are the most special. If you can get an audience’s hair to stand on their arms, then you are doing something right.

Electronic Groove: What was the most challenging part of ‘Dream Of A Better Tomorrow’? Is there something you had to master or learn specifically for this track?

Boy North: I mean, not in particular. The full process of the EP as a whole was a very enjoyable one.  I don’t think there really was a track on there I can really say I had a struggle with. I just approached this one as I do all my others. A keyboard in one hand and a pandemic in the other (laughter). You just really have to picture in your head how you imagine yourself feeling at the time. In this case, it was trying to convey that feeling of joy and hope, the feeling of seeing yourself dancing in a club or festival again with your mates and finally having your freedom back.

“Music was always a big thing at home growing up”

Electronic Groove: What’s in store for Boy North for the rest of 2021? What can we look forward to?

Boy North: Lots still to come! Another two tracks as part of my “We All Stood Still” EP forthcoming on Another Rhythm, two very special remixes, and lots more originals too. Also in talks of some gigs as well, which I’m buzzing about. A very busy second half of 2021 indeed, but I cannot wait!

Electronic Groove: Thank you for sitting down with us Boy North! We wish you all the best!

Boy North: Thanks so much again for having me and for the continued support! Was an absolute pleasure to talk to you!

Boy North’s ‘Dream of a Better Tomorrow’ is out now via Another Rhythm. Grab your copy here

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