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Brian Cid: “I Am Obsessed With Expressing My Emotions Through Music”

Brian Cid: “I am obsessed with expressing my emotions through music”

With his artistic roots originating from Brooklyn, DJ/producer, Brian Cid has continuously garnered a level of musical talent that has taken the underground electronic music scene by storm.

His original productions have been showcased on some of the most revered and respected record labels, including Guy J’s Lost & Found, Hot Since 82’s Knee Deep In Sound, Manjumasi, Get Physical, microCastle, Cityfox and more. With a sound that weaves boundlessly through deep house, techno, progressive house and more, it’s easy to understand and appreciate how it has led him to merit the DJ Mag nomination for 2017 Best Breakthrough DJ in their Best of North America awards.

With his passion for nightlife, as well as some memorable club experiences in the NY scene – Brian’s DJ career was A career that was organically born out of his innate ability to mix melodic, rich, heavenly & unpredictable sounds and his memorable club experiences in the NYC, in a short period of time, Brian Cid has become a refreshing mainstay in the electronic music industry.

You can catch Brian weaving his music magic with industry greats, Hernan Cattaneo and Behrouz at Do Not Sit On the Furniture this coming Thursday, August 9th.

EG: Hi Brian, thank you for taking the time to chat with us. I think it’s safe to say you’ve been incredibly busy these days! How has life been treating you these days?

Brian Cid: Always a pleasure to speak with you and I truly appreciate your love and support. I could not be more grateful for the journey so far. What excites me the most is to know that there is so much more to come. I like to say that I am just scratching the surface.

EG: You’ve worked with some pretty incredible pop music legends in the past like Lady Gaga, Cher, and Beyonce. Besides the obvious diversity in musical genre, what would you say are the differences between working with those artists vs electronic music artists? What inspired you to shift your focus from working with pop artists to now working with such reputable imprints as ‘Lost&Found’, and ‘Balance’ and electronic music artists?

Brian Cid: I’d say that the main reason is the creative freedom that electronic music offers. The pop world, which I respect, has a defined structure and a winning formula as to what works, especially for radio. The electronic music world has no limits, no rules, just follow your heart and that’s it. This is what motivated me to jump to the other side of the rope. I had too much inside me and it needed to be out.

EG: Your first artist album is coming out on Balance in October, tell us how you’re feeling about it and what listeners can expect?

Brian Cid: To me, putting music out is the biggest reward, especially for such a large mass of work. Expect my edgier side as I explore a wide sonic range. It’s dramatic and it tells a powerful story. I use all my technical abilities and creatively it’s highly involved. I can’t think of better timing for this album and I am very proud to have balance behind it all.

EG: I absolutely love the new remix you did for Zhu and Tame Impala! How did you get connected with Tame Impala, did you work closely with them? How long does it generally take to remix a track like that one in particular?

Brian Cid: Zhu’s team and label reached out as fans of my sound. They were looking for an underground twist for this particular single. I thought it could be interesting to push myself outside my comfort zone and change it up a bit. I respect these musicians and I think it’s a beautiful thing when we can all find a common ground to collaborate and create something special.

I produce fairly fast so a couple days are enough for me to create it, sleep on it and improve it. I hooked them on my first draft. It all worked out very smoothly and organically. I wanted to offer a trippy, deep summer vibe and keep the essence of the original sound. I feel like there needs to be a good balance between the original and the remix. At the end of the day, it’s supposed to be a remix, not a new song.

EG: What was the impetus behind your EP for Audiofly’s Supernature Records, which is due out in August? How did that collaboration come about?

Brian Cid: Audiofly, whom I love and respect, reached out with the idea of relaunching their highly respected label Supernature Records and asked for some music from me. I did not hesitate as I feel like we are operating at a similar musical frequency. I provided them with a selection of ethnic deep-style productions that I love and been playing for some time now. It will be a great EP. We are going deep and groovy on this one.

“To me, putting music out is the biggest reward”

EG: I read somewhere that originally your record label was called Extinct Records, now we know it to be Endangered Records and event brand. How did you come up with the names and is there a special meaning behind them? What does this imprint mean to you artistically? What is the imprint’s vision?

Brian Cid: Extinct Records was a label designed to channel my productions. I’d say that Endangered is the evolution of such, coming with a full creative concept, extrasensory experience & event brand. I am also signing artists I believe in and are able to carry the sound that I’ve created so far without stepping out of who they are artistical.

This is my baby and I have an incredible team behind it. Honestly, very shocked at how well the reception has been so far. This is a longterm project that will continue to evolve and grow across the world. Quality eclectic highly defined sound that tells a story. As you can see, I believe in storytelling. Can’t wait to see how this story will turn out.

EG: You’ve been involved in a lot of different aspects of the music industry over the course of your career so far, from behind-the-scenes studio work, working with some pretty incredible imprints like Afterlife and Cityfox, to international gigging. Tell us about your relationship with Ibiza and Do Not Sit On the Furniture, and how your residency in DNSOF Miami came about?

Brian Cid: I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by love. Behrouz has been a musical father figure to me and a big inspiration musically and professionally. He has shown lots of love and support for my music and persona. I vowed my support to him and became a seasonal resident at Do Not Sit in Miami. With his new Ibiza residency, it only made sense to go and spread the love to the island. I am really looking forward to this date, I am fortunate to share the stage with true industry veterans who I highly respect. It’s an honor to be around masters.

EG: You’ve got a pretty rad gig with the Afterlife family coming in September in your hometown at the Brooklyn Mirage! The lineup is mind-bending! Tell us how that came about and your feelings around being part of such an incredible lineup?

Brian Cid: Tale Of Us have been big supporters of my music for quite some time now. I was honored to be invited to join the lineup, especially in my hometown Brooklyn. I really respect what they do and how to carry their artistic vision. I will be playing an all original set, so it will be a deep mystical journey.

EG: Sometimes, it’s easy to let fame get to your head or let your ego take over. I get the feeling that you’re a pretty spiritually connected and balanced individual, which comes through in your music. How has life changed with all this deserved artistic recognition? And are there any particular routines or habits that you practice in order to keep yourself centered?

Brian Cid: Deep constant awareness keeps me balance at all times of the day. Infinite gratitude, understanding and compassion for the world. Passion for my craft and the need to give. The need to share, embrace and cause an uplifting effect on people. I use my recognition as a voice. Nothing else really matters. I have nothing to prove or be proven, we are just a grain of salt in this vast universe.

EG: Thank you so much for stopping by! Please finish these phrases for us:

Brian Cid:

The best part of what I do is…the effect on people
I am obsessed about/with…expressing my emotions through music
Music is…my heartbeat
Music genres are…fun and very interesting
Your favorite music memory is when…listening to my father’s stereo for hours while laying down on the floor looking at the ceiling.
My favorite food is…Dominican food
My favorite time of day is… waking up to chase my dreams
I love it when…people smile
The most important human trait one should embody is…love and respect

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