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Brina Knauss: “Releasing My First EP On A Very Representative Label As Rebellion Is A Deep Gratification”

Brina Knauss: “Releasing my first EP on a very representative label as Rebellion is a deep gratification”

Brina Knauss started her music career in Slovenia as a singer in a girl band called B.B.T. In 2018 her potential was noticed by Luciano who contacted her to perform at several Vagabundos parties. She has since played at Woomoon, Rumors, elrow and Storytellers with Damian Lazarus, Luciano and Ricardo Villalobos. Following this she was nominated in the Newcomer DJ category at the Ibiza DJ Awards in 2018, has had a full cover on DJ Mag (Italy) and played gigs like the Crosstown Rebels party at Watergate in Berlin. In 2018 Brina also started her guest residency at Volt club in Milan.

We had a conversation with Brina Knauss to talk about his new Rebellion release, ‘Sledi Toku’.

Electronic Groove: Hi Brina, thanks for your time to chat with us. You just released your debut two-track EP on Crosstown Rebels sub-label, Rebellion. What does this achievement mean to you?

Brina Knauss: Thanks to you, it’s a pleasure. For me, releasing my first EP with a very representative label as Rebellion is a deep gratification, because it represents the result of many years of commitment, experiences, and sacrifices, always dedicated to improving both, DJing and producing. In fact, I had been offered with other labels with previous productions but I preferred to wait for the right one where I felt at ease and free, musically wise, and finally the opportunity has arrived!

EG: What was the inspiration to produce these tracks?

Brina Knauss: In this EP I was inspired by the love of nature in all its forms and by the music I prefer, made a mix of relaxing, traveling sounds but always a kick and bass that is quite powerful but not aggressive.

EG: What Sledi Toku means?

Brina Knauss: Sledi Toku literally means “follow the flow”. Reconnecting to my previous answer, I referred to the flow of nature, otherwise, you just waste time and go against yourself.

EG: You recently attended Miami Music Week for the first time. How was the experience? Can you mention some of your highlights?

Brina Knauss:  The experience was so cool! I liked everything about that week! It’s amazing how Miami is evolving from year to year.

My highlights were definitely playing at Get Lost,  where of course it wasn’t just for my DJ set but arrived there many hours before my slot and I stayed right up to the point of completely immersing myself in the magical energy of that incredible party.

Brina Knauss at Get Lost Miami

EG: In terms of gigs, what’s planned in the coming months?

Brina Knauss:  In the coming months I have different interesting gigs in Spain: the one with Keinemusik at Pacha Barcelona, Doctor Music Festival with Damian Lazarus and Off Sonar with Carl Cox; obviously there will be Ibiza surprises too.

EG: If we look back to your career we noticed that you have been a band vocalist, model and now DJ. What has attracted you to be involved with electronic music?

Brina Knauss: I always liked electronic because has many sounds of the 80’s and 90’s which I grew up with. When I was younger my family used to visit Riccione in Italy, a city with lots of clubs that at the moment was at the forefront of electronic music. In fact, back in time, I bought all the dance compilations of the most famous city discos.

EG: Looking forward, what would you like to achieve during this year?

Brina Knauss: I’d like to play at many festivals as possible.

EG: Could you let us delve a little deeper into the world of Brina, what’s been bringing joy to your world of late? Not specifically music-related maybe a place you’ve been, a show you’ve seen, a book you’ve read or a movie you’ve watched?

Brina Knauss: It may seem trivial but it was the last time I met my family, my nieces, nephews and my dog; having this job I travel a lot. I rarely see them, so every time I meet them it’s a very special moment.

Brina Knauss’ ‘Sledi Toku’ is already available. Buy/stream here.

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