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Carlita: “One of the things that makes me very happy is seeing people enjoying music”

Carlita is a Turkish DJ and producer from Istanbul. A classical musician and multi-instrumentalist (drums, cello, bass, and electric guitar), she experiments with a mix of live and electronic instruments in her productions, using different synths, sampled instruments  and field recordings from her travels. With early influences ranging from Turkish Psychedelia to Rock ’n’ Roll, she combines an ever-changing kaleidoscope of sounds and cultures into a driving electronic beat. Her signature eclectly, worldly sound and diverse musical background ensure her sets are always full of surprises, as she expertly crafts a musical journey with each performance.

Electronic Groove: Hi, Carlita, and welcome to Electronic Groove. First of all, how are you? How have you been dealing with the whole COVID-19 situation these past months?

Carlita: Hello! Thank you :) I am very well. At first, it was not easy, I was stuck in Tulum for about 75 days and couldn’t go back home (Turkey). Also, there were shows that I was looking forward to like Get Lost, Mayan Warrior London, Day Zero Masada. However, focusing on myself really helped me deal with the lockdown situation, which also gave me the opportunity to focus on music production more. Now, I have started booking some open-air shows and small gatherings in Europe — looking forward to these!

Electronic Groove: Can you tell us how did you first connect with music? How did you figure out that electronic music was your thing?

Carlita: I began to play piano at the age of 3, and started playing the cello by the age of 8. I studied music during my formative years, attended the Turkish Conservatory, and graduated the Royal Academy of Music with the cello at age 16. During that time I started playing the piano, cello, guitar, and bass guitar (and even participated in Turkey’s Got Talent at age 12, advancing to the semi-finals on national Turkish television!)

During my undergraduate studies in the United States, I started getting into electronic music and recording sets. My music is a blend of other genres I like with electronic music, so it makes the songs more effective on the dance floor. And one of the things that makes me very happy is seeing people enjoying music very passionately on the dance floor. That made me realize that electronic music is my thing.

Electronic Groove: About your sound. Was it hard to find your own? Do you spend a lot of time in the studio? 

Carlita: I like a lot of different sounds and I still struggle to find a specific sound that fits me because there are so many! You can find me producing Downtempo tracks and Indie Dance tracks or even sometimes writing orchestral scores.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, I’ve spent more time in the studio than usual which makes me very happy. I have also spent a lot of time with field recording sounds — in the kitchen, outside nature, instruments, and people.

Electronic Groove: We know that you are a part of Bespoke Musik. How did that come about? 

Carlita: I was following Bespoke Musik for a while, they have always been very good at exploring/promoting new artists and new music.  If I remember correctly, Bespoke Musik liked one of the downtempo sets I made and I reached out to them. Around that time, I met Rocky at a Mixmag Party in New York. I was still studying undergraduate college in Boston and I decided to explore a possible experience in the music industry and started interning for Bespoke Musik, helping them produce some parties. Shortly after, I became one of the resident DJs and have been a part of the roster ever since.

“My music is a blend of other genres I like with electronic music, so it makes the songs more effective on the dance floor”

Electronic Groove: How do you go about planning your sets? Do you plan a lot, or is it a thing of the moment? 

Carlita: At first, I was planning my sets from the beginning to an end. And then what I realize is the moment I plan is not the moment I am experiencing in the event. So even though I was preparing the songs, I was changing the whole set at the moment. Now I just put some songs that I think will be a good fit for the party on the playlist and leave it at the moment, and always some songs that are not on that playlist appear in the set :).

Electronic Groove: What can you reveal to us about your upcoming set for our Electronic Groove Music Weekend?

Carlita: I enjoyed recording it very much, I like the mix between genres in my sets and you can hear it from the onset.

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