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Carly Foxx: “Incorporating different kinds of styles, artists and genres within electronic music into my label is important to me. It’s reflective of my style and influences”

Based in London, Carly Foxx is an Australian DJ and music producer. Her steady stream of dynamic mixtapes incorporate US style house, acid, and disco, with a penchant for the 90’s. Her debut release in 2015 on Danse Club Records ‘Let Me Be Yours’ included a main room remix from DJ T (Get Physical, AUS), which was followed in quick succession by a remix of ‘Holding On‘ featuring house veteran Robert Owens, on Roger Sanchez’s NYC label, Stealth Records.

Her productions consolidate deep grooves with hypnotic moody undertones; showcasing her very own signature vocals. 2016 saw her debut at The Warehouse Project as part of Joris Vroon’s ‘Ants’ party, with 2017 seeing releases on Ibiza’s Vitalik Recordings including a remix form Luca C, and a 3 track EP on Paul Loraine’s Rhythm Cult Records.

We had the chance to talk with Carly Foxx as she recently launched her own label, Love Story Recordings and how is looking her summer agenda.

Electronic Groove: Hi Carly, nice to chat with you. Summer is around the corner and looks like a busy one for you. When did you realize that you wanted to work with music?

Carly Foxx: Hello EG, thanks for having me. I was about 14 and I started playing the guitar in my little folk band! I loved to be part of it and I spent so much of my time writing and playing. That’s when I started to take music pretty seriously.

EG: You are booked to play at Fabric Forms parties on June 29th alongside Matthias Tanzmann, Jesse Calosso among other artists. What are the expectations for that night and what are your thoughts about the renowned London venue?

Carly Foxx: I actually had a little cry when I found out I was playing at fabric. Tears of joy! There is no other club like this one in the UK and it’s always been my favorite. The opportunity came as a real surprise and I have been so excited ever since! It such an honor and I’ve waffled on about it to anyone who will listen.

I’ve worked with fabric on a few events previously, so I’ve got to know some of the people there over the last year or so, and I think part of what makes the venue so special is their amazing team who are all so passionate and hardworking.

It’s great to be playing with Ritual again too! Such great guys and an added bonus to be playing with friends!

I’m currently working on my fabric promo mix too which will be up before the event.

EG: You also have an upcoming date at Hi Ibiza on August 26th. It is your first time there? You’ll be in Room 2 with Electronic Nature crew. How did you link with them?

Carly Foxx: Yes, it’s my first time playing in Ibiza. My friend reminded me the other day that on one of our first trips to the island when I had just started DJing, we were stood out the front of Space and I looked up and announced that I would be playing there one day. And I guess Hi Ibiza is the closest thing I could have got to that now it’s closed! I’ve heard amazing things about the new venue so can’t wait to play!

I’ve known Guy and his manager Aaron for a few years now through working in the industry, and way before he became Jonas Blue. A few months ago, I was playing at a day party and they both happened to be there, front and center on the dancefloor. I hadn’t seen them in years and we had a brief chat and said they really liked my set. Then a month later they asked me to come and play for them at their Electronic Nature Hi residency. Happy days!

EG: Any other special gig you are looking forward in the coming months?

Carly Foxx: Yes! Massively looking forward to Kala Festival in Albania in June; playing records whilst working on my tan. Win! I’ve never been to Albania and I love how Djing takes you to places you would probably otherwise wouldn’t have thought of visiting. The line-up is great – Roy Ayers, Black Madonna, Moodymann, Peggy Gou, Todd Terje, among many other respected artists.

EG: Tell us about your forthcoming releases. Can you talk about them?

Carly Foxx: I’ve got two lined up. I’ll be putting out my ‘Body Ache’ EP on my label over the summer. I got Manik back to remix me again after the amazing job he did on ‘Call My Name’. And most excitingly Parris Mitchell is remixing it as we speak. I’ve been playing his records since I started Djing, and Dance Mania has to be one of my fav labels, so I’m very humbled to have him on board. There’s a super cool dub from Paradiso Rhythm too.

I’ve also got my first vinyl release lined up which is amazing. Yay! ‘The Dancefloor’ EP is coming out on Private Society, the soon to launch label from the legend that is Fred P. He was one of the first artists I fell in love with when I properly got into dance music, so for him to believe in my music enough to put it out on vinyl, and remix both of the originals, means so much to me.

EG: You run your own label, ‘Love Story’, what’s planned for the summer/autumn period?

Carly Foxx: I absolutely love my little record label and having a creative side project to work on. I’m most excited about the next release called ‘Always On’ from Daisybelle & Rob Savage. I love the whole package – the original, Joss Moog’s uber funky remix, the artwork – everything! Daisybelle is one of my besties, so it’s great to be working with her. About five seconds into hearing a very early first draft I knew I wanted to put it out.

I’ve also got a beautiful, orchestral flavored EP coming out from The Svens, previously signed the Greco-Roman. Being somewhat eclectic and incorporating different kinds of styles, artists and genres within electronic music into my label is important to me. It’s reflective of my style and influences and I’m not into linear sounds. The world is a colorful place!

“I absolutely love my little record label and having a creative side project to work on”

EG: We know that you are involved with different Women’s in music activities. Next one is in June featuring Nick Halkes (founder of XL & Positiva), amongst others. Can you explain more about this event?

Carly Foxx: Yeah, super exciting and so grateful to everyone involved in this one, donating their time and expertise, as these events are free! This one is happening at fabric on June 28th and is part of Mayor of London’s ‘Sounds Like London’ campaign, happening across the whole of June across the city. The theme for this year happens to be women in music. We will be inviting a bunch of up and coming female artists and producers to an inspirational evening of music. We’ve got a bunch of industry people coming down to answer any questions and share their experiences and advice. Nick will be part of an A&R panel in room 1 where the girls will be able play their music to some industry legends for some feedback. Ladies, keep your eyes peeled for the application via fabric’s website which will be up very soon!

EG: Do you have any tips or advice for people who want to start working in the music industry?

Carly Foxx: I think like any creative industry, it can be really really hard to get your foot in the door, especially if you don’t come from that world or have no connections. There is no clear path and no right or wrong path, which is actually cool because you can make your own. My advice would be to just make the decision to do something and just do it and work towards it in small ways every single day, and work really hard. Self-belief is important but without being delusional! Adopting a DIY approach really helped me. People weren’t handing me gigs and labels weren’t signing my records, so I went and got the gigs myself, started a label and released my own records.

I think being a genuine, nice person goes a long way. People avoid working with assholes if they can.

EG: Could you let us delve a little deeper into the world of Carly, what’s been bringing joy to your world of late? Not specifically music-related maybe a place you’ve been, a person you’ve seen, a book you’ve read or a movie you’ve watched?

Carly Foxx: That’s a nice question! I’m a pretty joyful person in general, but recently and in particular I’ve been able to cut down on other work recently which means I have more time to work more on my own projects, so that sense of freedom feels amazing. My yoga practice is an essential part of my happiness and hanging out with my partner and his daughter on Sundays is pretty epic. Oh, and binging on really bad reality shows makes me SUPER happy.

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