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Chaim, Bringing Life Into His Music

Chaim, Bringing Life Into his Music

When Chaim hits the decks there is an effortlessness in his ability to create trippy tech-house that leaves you spellbound to his sound.

Tel Aviv born producer Chaim’s been making waves for years now releasing outstanding 12″s on the likes of Sven Väth’s Cocoon and Ellen Allien’s BPitch Control. He’s also formed a pretty tight relationship with superstar DJ and fellow Israeli, Guy Gerber.

Recently on February 17, Chaim emerged on the Jeudi Records stage with his new, harmonious 5-track EP, ‘Safe Word’ A true trailblazing artist in today’s expansive electronic scene, Chaim facilely churns out music that has a deep soulful texture to it, leaving you seductively captivated by its sweet groove. Particularly excited for his release is the crew at Jeudi Records, who hold Chaim’s distinctly organic techniques amongst their favorites within the label.

In addition to his original work, the ‘Safe Word’ EP features three stylish re-imaginations of Chaim’s fundamental tracks. Musician and installation artist Deniz Kurtel tackles ‘Safe Word’ with her own hazy rework, Bambook & Quina team up for a downtempo take on the same track, and Jeudi Records head honcho Doctor Dru injects a little extra flavor into Chaim’s ‘Sun Tease’.

There is something authentically meaningful in Chaim’s original productions and remixes. There is a grace that is easily perceived in his technique, a technique that enables him to create deeply moving tracks that move between melodic, melancholic and romantic so alluringly. We caught up with this class act of an artist to find out more about his burgeoning talents and current successes.

Electronic Groove: Thanks a lot for joining us, you’ve had a busy year with shows spanning the globe. Is there one particular show/event thus far that stands out in terms of the audience and their vibe?

Chaim: The one that’s stands out the most in my mind is The Bow in Buenos Aires.  It’s an amazing experience the way the place is built.  The sound system is massive, and there was around 2000 people rocking.  The DJ booth makes you feel like you’re right in the audience, but you can still see everyone.

Electronic Groove: Tell us a little bit about your current harmonious 5-track EP  that just came out on February 17 on Jeudi Records? How did this collaboration come about?

Chaim: I made these tracks almost 2 years ago and I had never played them to anyone.  I was at a period in between styles and inspirations, between deep house that I still love very much and other things that I want to do at the moment.

I wasn’t sure that I even wanted to release them, but one day I sent them to my friend Eiad (Bambook). He made me listen to them in a different moment and believed in them, so he convinced me to release them. Eiad sent them to Jeudi Records, and even then I still wasn’t sure.

When the tracks got mastered, it felt like they were brought back to life and sounded the way they should, and it took me back to the place I was at when first created them.

Electronic Groove: How would you describe your music to someone who’s new to electronic music scene?

Chaim: Personally, right now I’m into more alternative music, which includes weird and filtered bass guitars, with some live instruments that have weird effects, combined with middle eastern sounds.  I call it alternative disco 🙂

Electronic Groove: You have remixing down to a science so to speak, do you have a specific approach or vision that guides you when it comes to reworking another artist’s music?

“Remixes are very individual because there is always one part of the original track that stands out to me.”

Chaim: Remixes are very individual because there is always one part of the original track that stands out to me.  When the original has a certain melody or an amazing vocal that you want to use, the vibe can make you really excited.  It’s a different excitement each time, because there’s always one part that stands out and I can find my way from there to use it and express myself and make it my own.

Electronic Groove: Can you name some of your music influences with regards to helping to hone and develop your sound?

Chaim: My influences range and are very broad, from opposite sides of the music spectrum.  It goes from old disco records, artists like Imagination and Giorgio Moroder, to new-wave bands like Depeche Mode and Joy Division.  From there all the way to Moroccan tribal music.

Electronic Groove: This will be your second year headlining SXM, you must be so excited about this, can you tell us a little bit about what we can expect from your set down in St. Maarten?

Chaim: I’m counting down the days to this festival, I really believe in it.  It’s the second year and the people that organize it really do it for the love of music, which helps the scene to flourish.  This year, I’m playing Live on the main stage with artists like Âme & Black Coffee, which I’m very excited for!  I’m also playing a second show, which is a sunrise party on the beach with Yokoo & Moscomann.  I can’t wait to experience the sunrise again in this beautiful place.

Electronic Groove: Thank you so much, it was such a pleasure chatting with you! All the best!

Chaim: Thank you

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