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Circle Of Life: “I’m Always Working On New Material!”

Circle of Life: “I’m always working on new material!”

Circle Of Life is set to be a hugely influential figure within the global techno scene. After starting the year 2017 with his debut EP on Suara the Serbian producer will continue to spread his own brand of techno.

We had the chance to talk with Circle of Life as he recently released his latest EP ‘Another World’ on Lauter Unfug.

Electronic Groove: Hi Circle of Life, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. To get things started can you let us know how and when you got involved with electronic music?

Circle of Life: Hello guys, thanks to you. I hope you are doing good.

Long story short – I am in love with electronic music since I was 12 years old boy. My mother was involved in a nightlife style, for that reason I was able to discover the world of DJs at an early age, deciding all I want is to make music.

Electronic Groove: Where are you living now? And does your surroundings affect your creative flow in terms of producing?

Circle of Life: I’m from Belgrade, Serbia where I live.  It’s a beautiful City with a lot of historical background. But I get most of my creativity from my daughter when we go out to play outdoors.

Electronic Groove: Your latest release ‘Space Impact’ alongside Carlo Whale was recently released on Lauter Unfug. What can you tell about the production process behind it? Was it produced in different studios?

Circle of Life: Yeah. I like to make music with Carlo. We did all the tracks online. He made something, sending back to me, and vice versa. Carlo and I have the same taste in music, so it was quite easy to do something with him.

Electronic Groove: How did you meet Carlo Whale?

Circle of Life: We linked through Facebook, he asked me to do a track together. We did it and we confirmed that our music taste and production techniques were very similar.

“Carlo and I have the same taste in music”

Electronic Groove: How did you link with Lauter Unfug crew?

Circle of Life: Beatamines once asked me to remix one of his new Moonbootique tracks. I confirmed him and then met Pierre from Lauter Unfug. At that time, I was looking for a new management and home for my music, and they were doing very good with a lot of passion on each release. After meeting him I decided this was the right place for me ?

Electronic Groove: Are you currently working on new material?

Circle of Life: I’m always working on new material! Currently I am finishing new tracks for 3000 Grad, Moonbootique, Lauter Unfug, Beatfreak and some remixes. Expect more music from me this year ?

Electronic Groove: We love your techno-driven style. Who would you say were some of the artists that inspired you and why?

Circle of Life: Thanks, I appreciate your words! It’s difficult to say which artist inspires me, there is so much good music out there… I listen a lot to new artists material as there are many undiscovered diamonds out there.

Electronic Groove: Do you have any favorite labels and/or producers?

Circle of Life: I don’t have, believe me. As I said there’s too much good music to have one favorite only.

Electronic Groove: What does Circle of Life enjoy apart from music? Any guilty pleasure you mind sharing?

Circle of Life: I’m crazy about android phones. Also, the big pleasure of my life is my daughter which I am thankful for every day.

“I listen a lot to new artists material as there are many undiscovered diamonds out there”

Electronic Groove: What other music do you like to listen outside of techno?

Circle of Life: I like different kinds of music, from metal to ambient, but my true love is electronic music.

Electronic Groove: If we visit your hometown, what bar or restaurant should we go to?

Circle of Life: We have different great places in Belgrade, good food and drinks in this city. If you come you must visit ‘Skadarlija’. It’s a street with many restaurants, live music and happy people all around.

Circle of Life’s ‘Another World’ is already available. Grab your copy here.

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