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Clark: “There is no division between classical and electronic music when I create”

We took advantage that Clark was visiting Barcelona to perform at Mira Festival, we didn’t want to miss this great opportunity so we interviewed him ahead of his presentation. 

Electronic Groove: First of all, thank you for your time and attention and thank you for making this interview happen. We have so many questions that we would love to ask you but we are going to prioritize, so we are going to ask you about your latest ‘Kiri Variations’ album that is part of the soundtrack belonging to the Kiri television series. It is right?

Clark: Yes, it is.

EG: Your latest album ‘Kiri Variations’ is composed of a set of pieces that reflect the visionary techno that is enriched by classical music and it is projected to new horizons to explore.  We would like to ask you about the process, was it a commission?

Clark: Yes, indeed, in a sense, yes, but the director gave me absolute creative freedom.

EG: Had you already have a previous idea in your mind?

Clark: In a way, yes, I’m interested in films that go beyond. I am very grateful that it also allowed me to contribute with my vision and he liked my specific sound. I truly appreciate the opportunity given, as I consider that such directors grant exceptional conditions of work can rarely found nowadays.

EG: The Kiri series for which you have collaborated on the soundtrack, is a social drama that shows deep and dark aspects of the human condition, what do you think about this?

Clark: Thanks to the interpretation of the characters and the great work of the director, it is possible to do a good job where everything is complemented. When the performance is so good my music is very influenced as a result.

“When I create music (…) I don’t start from a concrete idea, I don’t intellectualize about it”

EG: Daito Manabe in Sònar presented an interesting theory about the interaction between music and the images created by our mind, it is also your case?

Clark: Yes, many ideas come to my mind in the form of images, not at all sophisticated. For example, Evelyn Bencicova accompanies me with her visuals tonight at the concert, she is an incredible artist, who creates works of great beauty, even if I don’t understand them, I mean, I don’t do an analysis, I love it but I can’t tell you why. It is a very primal reaction. I like it but I don’t have a rational idea about it. I think that when I create music something similar happens to me, I don’t start from a concrete idea, I don’t intellectualize about it.

EG: We love the fusion you make of classical and electronic music.  What are your influences?

Clark: Thank you, but really for me, there is no division between classical and electronic music when I create. I think this division responds more to marketing issues. The vast majority of the time, the way we think it is chaotic, in this sense my influences come from everywhere, are constant, I cannot point out precise areas. I study many aspects of different areas, for example, visual art or other musical artists.

Photo Credit: Manu de Leon

EG: Your 2017 Sònar performance was exciting! Unpredictable! What have you prepared for tonight?

Clark: Tonight our intention is that it will be as exciting as it was on other occasions, and also with the Evelyn Bencicova powerful visual artwork, I think it will be a very special show.

EG: And your next concerts?

Clark: Yes, it is very likely that we will play in Paris next year. The truth is that I am more focused on writing music.

“Many ideas come to my mind in the form of images”

EG: I understand that you need to isolate yourself to be able to compose?

Clark: Yes, it is important to protect my time in order to work, in a sense it is a very selfish thing but it is necessary for me.

EG: We want to thank you for your time. It’s been a pleasure Clark, thank you very much for your time and attention.

Clark: Thanks to you.

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