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Colour Castle: “We Are Taking Inspiration From Many Different Avenues”

Colour Castle: “We are taking inspiration from many different avenues”

Colour Castle’s signatures are striking with poolside grooves, late-night rompers and melodic four to the floor rhythms. Driving dance floors with a prolific sound, this Sydneysider is accustomed to setting the mood whether it be jams as the Sun is setting or the early hours of the club.

We had the chance to speak with him about his latest release with Miguel Campbell ‘I Know A Place” as well as other music production questions.

Electronic Groove: Your new track, ‘I Know A Place’ is out this week. How was it getting into the studio with Miguel Campbell for the first time?

Colour Castle: It was a blast, we had great chemistry musically, after a short time we were dancing around to what we had created. The second session Casper joined us and laid down some keys to the beat we created & the bulk of the song was done basically done.

Electronic Groove: What brought you both together?

Colour Castle: Luckily my manager Eli and the team at Audiopax tour some amazing artists like Miguel, Doorly, Leftwing & Kody, Amine Edge & Dance, Shiba San & more. Through that connection, most have access to my music and it has allowed us to approach them for remixes, and occasional some studio time to work on Originals, e.g. ‘Love Addict (Miguel Campbell Remix)’ – Colour Castle’ or ‘Stay Hungry – Doorly & Colour Castle’.

Electronic Groove: Your tracks often have a soulful, House feel. When did your passion for this genre start?

Colour Castle: We are taking inspiration from many different avenues, there are not many genres of music I dislike. Yes, House is my favorite of course. I think the passion for house started when I was 18 and has grown since then.

Electronic Groove: Being an established producer and DJ, what was your first musical memory?

Colour Castle: Great question. I am not too sure :). Maybe singing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ in the car with Dad at 6 years old, that song always confused and intrigued me as a child.

“I don’t really think I’m too talented to be honest haha, I just put lots of hours in, sometimes it works out really well, most of the time not.”

Electronic Groove: When did you realise you had a talent for producing?

Colour Castle: I don’t really think I’m too talented to be honest ha! I just put lots of hours in, sometimes it works out really well, most of the time not. There is a lot of music nobody will ever hear.

Electronic Groove: Your breakthrough track, ‘Walk Right In’, is still played/referenced, and remains relevant to this day. Why do you think that is?

Colour Castle: Thank you! that’s nice to say, I think that using a classic vocal with some timeless sounds it will stand the test of time. Nothing I release is aimed to the flavor of the month or whats hot in charts. I personally want to look back on all my music in 10 – 30 years and still love it!


Electronic Groove: Being active in the Sydney music scene, how does it compare to that of the British scene?

Colour Castle: I think as our population is so much smaller in Sydney or even Australia as a whole we may have fewer house fans, but there are still enough out there to make some great parties and I feel the number grow every month.

Electronic Groove: You’re well known on the Australian music scene. Are there any artists from your home we should be keeping an eye on? And more so, any you would love to collaborate with in the future?

Colour Castle: Sondrio & Mark Maxwell are too Australian producers I am currently working closely with on projects. Both have great releases out too. Check them out!

Electronic Groove: What’s next for yourself and Miguel musically?

Colour Castle: Miguel & I are hard at work on another 2 collaborations and I don’t think that will be last from us collaborating either. Aside from that team Colour Castle are currently picking my next release from a bunch of finished tracks, some include vocals from Roland Clark and others some sampled disco.

‘I Know a Place’ is available to purchase here.

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