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Concret: “Music is a very powerful art”

This year has brought many new challenges, and at the same time, inspiring moments of deeper connection through music and art have developed within our communities. The nonprofit organization Parties4Peace continues to showcase artists who are making a positive difference through their music, sharing their talent and thoughts towards a more sustainable future.

Recently, Parties4Peace caught up with the eclectic italo-Mexican DJ, musician, and artist named Diego Angelico Escobar, better known as Concret, to speak about his musical inspirations and share some of his most recent work with you as this month’s Parties4Peace artist feature on Electronic Groove. Read below for the full interview and listen to his new mix here online:

Electronic Groove: Hello Diego, welcome to EG once again. As an artist, tell us about your music and how did you start playing on the international scene?

Concret: Hello, thanks for the invite! Music was always part of my life before as a drummer in post-punk bands and later as a producer and DJ of electronic music. I started playing in the international scene little by little with some dates in the United States and Europe as I continued to exchange with friends from international record labels and clubs, but I believe my most professional introduction to the global music scene is due to Gunita from Listed Productions when I began to work with her.

EG: You have participated in events for Mayan Warrior, Mutek, among other large festivals. What inspires you to create events and share your music with others?

Concret: Music is a very powerful art, especially when it becomes a collective event where everyone shares the same sensations. I believe that the moment of the live show has cathartic power and is a very powerful form of communication.

EG: What does the word ‘Sustainability’ mean to you? How do you think artists can contribute to the music scene and climate action?

Concret: I think it is a very complex issue above all in these difficult times where everyone has their own personal challenges. In my case, I consider ‘sustainable’ to wake up every day and have a less violent and ambitious attitude towards life, putting my goals and my actions always in a balance sheet in the way that may affect other individuals or the environment.

EG: There are places like Tulum that are well known for art and music, and they exist in a region where nature is pristine and also very fragile. How do you think that the clubs, hotels, and restaurants in places like the Mexican region can also help to grow in a more sustainable way and support the music scene at the same time?

Concret: Tulum is a special case where there should be a stronger administration of the natural resources. One thing that can improve would be a different education for the people who have the power to make decisions about the entertainment and tourism activities in this area. It could be a paradise of nature, gastronomy, art, and music… I know many people who are interested in those things to change in a positive direction.

EG: What do you have for 2021? New music? Some news?

Concret: For sure, lots of new music and a more relaxed and grateful attitude towards life.

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