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D-Formation: “This year will be full of great projects”

D-Formation is Dimas Carbajo, the owner and main exponent of Beatfreak Group, a business alliance that is proud to include, among many others, the first Spanish record label of underground electronic music, Beatfreak Recordings, which has been conveying this national music style to the entire planet since 1997.

With over 25 years in his career path, both in worldwide booths and music studios in his role as a producer,
D-Formation is one of the most respected electronic music artists across the world. Nowadays he combines his work at the studio with an almost permanent tour across the best festivals and events in the entire world.

We had the chance to talk with D-Formation about his new release ‘Aura’ out now via Beatrfreak Recordings.

Electronic Groove: Hi, Dimas. Nice to have you back at EG. How has the beginning of 2020 been to this day?

D-Formation: First of all, thank you for having me back at EG, it’s always a pleasure to share with you. The truth is that the beginning of the year has been very good, I have already had my first release with Parquet Recordings, which entered very strong in the Beatport Top 100. On February 17th, ‘Aura‘ will go on sale via my Beatfreak Recordings label. In addition, I have some great news: this year I will be present during the Sònar Barcelona week with our first showcase there. This year will be full of great projects which will be revealed in due course.

EG: Regrading your new EP, ‘Aura’, how it happened and where did the inspiration come from?

D-Formation: In all honesty, ‘Aura‘ has been the work of several months and during this period I have made a selection of what I really wanted to include in this EP. As for inspiration, I am a person who gets carried away in the studio. Usually, there is nothing premeditated. I simply put myself to work and one sound takes me to another, and a sensation leads me to another. All this, in the end, is reflected in a set of feelings that are a result of how I feel that day. Undoubtedly, I like melodies and melodic sounds in general. It is what inspires me the most and makes my creativity flow in the studio.

EG: The EP combines 6 tracks with different collaborations. Tell us, how did you go about selecting the artists?

D-Formation: Yes, ‘Aura‘ is composed of three tracks, in collaboration with three different artists. First is ‘Perge‘, a collaboration with Ziger; It is a track that we had pending for months, and which we have decided to include in this EP. We also have another track called ‘Imaray‘ in collaboration with GRAZZE, a great artist from my city, Madrid. I feel very happy to have worked with him, as we have a lot of affinities when it comes to composing and producing. In third place we will also find ‘Anomaly’; this time with Barcelona-based producer and good friend, YAIDE, a great producer still to be exploited, and who I think deserves a good place in this industry. It was due to his game as a producer and our friendship that I have decided to include it in this EP. Last is ‘Dark Space‘, in which we also have the great voice of Eleonora. It is a track composed and produced by me, and I had the pleasure of featuring her on it. It is a fairly underground cut, and with her voice, we stamp a touch of sensuality. By the way, this was Electronic Groove pick to host the premiere.

EG: Is there one you can call your favorite?, ¿Why?

D-Formation: It’s hard to pick one when all the tracks are made by me and I’ve put my best into them. Anyway, I think one of my favorites is ‘Dark Space‘ with Eleonora. It is a track that combines quite well what I like: underground, melodic and vocal sounds, so I think it is perfect for any dance floor.

Usually, there is nothing premeditated. I simply put myself to work and one sound takes me to another, and a sensation leads me to another

EG: And the hardest one to finish?, ¿Why?

D-Formation: Well, I think we’re back at ‘Dark Space‘. Although the track ‘Imaray‘ with GRAZZE also has its complexity, I think this ‘Dark Space’ has been the most difficult. Always, a melodic track and, in addition, the use of vocals tends to be more complex. The mix has to be perfect, and have a very clear space in which to place the different sounds, harmonies and, of course, the voice. Definitely, ‘Dark Space’ was the most difficult.

EG: Where does the name ‘Aura’ come from? How does it tie into the EP?

D-Formation: Aura‘ is actually a luminous irradiation that some people can perceive. In my case, it is not about the luminescence itself, but in a way all these tracks make me perceive something, sensations, feelings. Hence the name of ‘Aura’. I think this name is phenomenal for this EP; We will see if these feelings that I have are also perceived by all the people who listen to them. If so, I will be happy!

EG: Tell us about the cover artwork. Who did it? What’s the concept behind it?

D-Formation: Design-wise, as always, our design team at Beatfreak are the ones in charge of it. The idea of ​​the design stems a little from me since that image is part of what we can call aura. I wanted something that would immediately translate all the feelings bottled in the EP.  I really like the design., I hope people see it the same way I do.

EG: ¿Do you have any dates planned to showcase the EP?

D-Formation: Yes, I do.  In the coming months, I will be touring Asia. We are also working on my new South America tour and, of course, other dates in Europe and in my home, Spain.

EG: As always, it has been a pleasure to have you with us. Best of luck with future endeavors!

D-Formation: Thank you, guys. It is always a pleasure to share with you any news, future projects, and day-to-day experiences. Once again, thank you for your support, and I hope that these words hold something of interest to all the readers. Looking forward to seeing you a lot on the dance floor!

D-Formation’s ‘Aura’ is now available via Beatrfreak Recordings. Grab your copy here

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