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D-Formation: “This Has Been A Very Productive Year For Me”

D-Formation: “This has been a very productive year for me”

D-Formation is Dimas Carbajo, the owner and main exponent of Beatfreak Group, a business alliance which is proud to include, among many others, the first Spanish record label of underground electronic music, Beatfreak Recordings, which has been conveying this national music style to the entire planet since 1997.

We had the chance to talk with D-Formation as he’s planning to release his new LP.

Electronic Groove: Hi Dimas, thanks for the time. You have a new album coming out this November. What can you tell us about the production process behind it?

D-Formation: Thanks for inviting me. The truth is that I have been working on this project for over a year and deciding which are the most appropriate tracks for it. The album’s production is not easy and especially for me when at the same time I have been editing both, original tracks and remixes for my label Beatfreak.

I want to keep as a secret of what’s included in this album but I tell you there are a few collaborations with incredible artists.

EG: Will it be released on your label?

D-Formation: Yes, Beatfreak is in its best form in the last 20 years. I can confirm will be released on my label.

EG: Talking about your label. Are you happy with the direction it has taken?

D-Formation: I can’t be happier with its direction and results, especially this year. In a short time Beatfreak has passed to be a worldwide reference for labels and artists. We just reached Beatport’s Top 10 progressive house in only 8 months

EG: Beatfreak Recordings will have its first ADE event. What should we expect from it? Where will it be held and who will be playing?

D-Formation: Well, what you can expect is an incredible party. I am very happy for the support received by all the artists that will be playing on the first label’s showcase: Betoko, Carlos Manaça, D-Formation, Darin Epsilon, EdOne, Haze-M, Javier Gonzalez, Kintar, Marc DePulse, Oscar L and Wally Lopez. I think that with this line up there are plenty of words to understand that it will be a great event.

“Beatfreak is in its best form in the last 20 years”

EG: Will you be doing any more label showcases around the world?

D-Formation: Yes, we are preparing to bring our showcase around the world in 2019. We had our first experience at Tokyo and Osaka in 2017. The result was really positive, so definitely next year we’ll be visiting your city.

EG: What advice do you have for those who are starting to run a label?

D-Formation: Nowadays there are too many imprints because of the ease of making a digital label, so there are several things to keep in mind today:

– Define the label’s direction as much as possible.
– Be clear that a label is a business like any other, which involves an investment in both, work and money, especially until it begins to take off.
– Have not only good artists, but also renowned ones, of course some may think that is what we all want and is true, but that is precisely where the investment in tracks or remixes comes, in order to have a label that generates expectations with their releases. Unfortunately if you don’t do these kinds of things you can only say that you have a label, but most likely will pass unnoticed.

EG: Are you working on any new material other from your album? Do you have any other releases coming up for 2018?

D-Formation: Yes, of course, this has been a very productive year for me in the studio, I feel that’s my priority. On the first days of september, I’ll be releasing a new remix of Pauke Schaumburg’s track on Beatfreak. Also, a collaboration between Quivver, Rick Pier 0’Neil and me is on the pipeline. To finish, I have an EP with 4 tracks, 2 of them in collaboration with Citizen Kain and Rick Pier O’Neil again, as you see can’t see the machine doesn’t stop 🙂

EG: You’ve been all over the world. What club or city has stood out in terms of energy, fan base or music culture?

D-Formation: I’ve had a residency at Stereo Montreal for a long time, that’s why I definitely stay with that city and club. Their audience’s energy and passion make that place magical and for me one of the best clubs in the world.

EG: Are you a vinyl or digital guy? Does the medium even matter?

D-Formation: With the years I’ve been involved with music you can imagine that my beginnings were with vinyl, but I am a person open to technology. I cannot imagine today’s Dj world limiting to the one it was 25 years ago. Every artist is free to use what they think is most appropriate for their sessions, and in my opinion the most important thing is that the Dj knows how to transmit his/her energy to the audience. It is indifferent if you use vinyl, Tracktor, Ableton or Cds.

EG: Can you share with us some of your favorite tunes on rotation?

D-Formation: I really find difficult to share my favorite tracks, the music is in constant evolution and I am a very evolutionary person. I don’t mean that what I liked 10 years ago I don’t like it now, but it’s true that I look at it from another perspective, always looking forward.

To name a few, Arbat and Tone Depth are some of my favorite artists at the moment.

“We are preparing to bring our showcase around the world in 2019”

EG: Can you let us know a little more about yourself? What hobbies do you enjoy other than playing and producing music? Any guilty pleasure?

D-Formation: Well, like all the humans I have things that I like to do when I’m not in the studio or with music in general. Anyway, during the last year I’ve been too busy to do it, as I get up thinking about music and go to bed thinking about music. Of course, I would like to have more time to enjoy with my family and be able to do many of the normal things like going to the cinema or practicing some sport.

EG: If you would choose a place to sit down and enjoy a nice drink where would it be?

D-Formation: My dream, at some point of my life, is to live in front of the sea surrounded by total tranquility, now you can imagine where I would drink that special beverage.

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