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Danny Daze: “Most Of My Influences Come From The Melting Pot That Is Miami”

Danny Daze: “Most of my influences come from the melting pot that is Miami”

Heavily praised for his versatility, Dj and producer Danny Daze continues to smash expectations with an omnivorous groove rooted in Detroit techno, italo-disco, and Miami bass. Daze’s freeform selecting and mercurial mixing guarantees the only thing audiences can expect is a musical experience where everything is up for grabs. Combined with his entrepreneurial acumen, Daze’s touch has made him one of his generation’s most compelling artists.

We had the chance to talk with Danny Daze ahead of his Canada debut at Toronto’s Electric Island Festival this weekend.

Electronic Groove: Hi Danny, thanks for your time today. You come from Miami, USA. What are the first three words that come to your mind when you think of that city?

Danny Daze: Cuba, Family, Syncopation.

EG: How has the American culture influenced your music?

Danny Daze: That’s a tough question, I take most of my influence from Miami which is in a world of its own. I wouldn’t say I’m influenced by “American Culture”. Most of my influences come from the melting pot that is Miami. One second you’re listening to salsa, the next minute you’re listening to Booty Bass.

EG: You are about to play at Electric Island Festival on September 2nd. Do you feel a close connection with the Canadian public?

Danny Daze: This is my first time in Canada, as I had a visa issue getting in for the last 10 years. I’m really looking forward to it as I’ve often gotten asked when it is I’ll be visiting that country. Finally, the time is here. I look forward to spending almost two weeks there checking out as much as possible.

EG: How’s your summer been so far? Any special highlights worth mentioning?

Danny Daze: This summer has been a lot of travel. I just came back from doing my first Boiler Room over in Amsterdam at Dekmantel Festival. Now jumping on a flight from Miami to Berlin for one night to play Berghain, then immediately jumping on a flight back over the pond to come and play in Canada. I’ve really taken a lot of time to get back in the studio as well and work on an album which will be coming out next year.

EG: What can you tell us about ‘Omnidisc’? What’s the label’s concept?

Danny Daze: Omnidisc is a label ran by Djs, made for Djs. There are a couple sub-labels which will focus more on the experimental influences I have, but the main Omnidisc series seeks dance floor electro/techno music that will stand the test of time rather than it have a date as to when it was released. I really enjoy scouting new artist and giving them a platform to release and be heard, so my focus has always been that. Finding raw artists who are true to themselves.

EG: Are you working on any new material?

Danny Daze: Yes, my next release will be a collaboration EP on Omnidisc with London-based DefeKt in the beginning up 2019. Along with an album coming out sometime next year.

EG: Checking your Soundcloud we found the special ‘Sunday Morning’ sessions. What’s the motto behind this mixes series?

Danny Daze: I’ve always been influenced by experimental music and the sounds of Miami based labels like Schematic and M3rck, so I started a podcast which caters to enjoying your sunday mornings having breakfast and listening to something a bit more calming. The series has been on a bit of a hiatus, but I intend on bringing the month podcast back with another radio partner at some point.

EG: Can you let us know a little more about yourself? What hobbies do you enjoy other than playing and producing music? Any guilty pleasure?

Danny Daze: I’ve always been a bit of a private person. I really enjoy solidarity and time with my family. My hobbies nowadays consist of playing tennis and going fishing to take my mind off of things. I definitely see myself living in the middle of the woods hanging out with black bears and going salmon fishing every day at some point in my life.

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