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Dave Seaman: “All That Matters Is The DJ Performs Well Using Whatever Format He Chooses, Vinyl Or Digital”

Dave Seaman: “All that matters is the DJ performs well using whatever format he chooses, vinyl or digital”

Dave Seaman is one of the original movers and shakers of the UK house movement. He has been DJing for over 25 years and has played in over 70 countries around the world. He was an original editor of the clubbers bible, Mixmag, and has remixed and produced for everybody from David Bowie to New Order and Kylie Minogue to the Pet Shop Boys. He has also done over 20 mix compilations for the likes of Global Underground, Renaissance & Radio 1’s Essential Mix and also been the main man behind the independent dance music labels, Stress Records, Audio Therapy and now his new imprint, Selador Recordings. Quite simply, Dave Seaman is one of the legends of electronic house music.

We had the chance to talk with Dave Seaman regarding his current projects and music thoughts.

Electronic Groove: Hi Dave, thanks for the time to chat with us. How did you get into DJing? And who has been a big influence for you as far as music and/or your dj career?

Dave Seaman: Thanks to you guys. I started DJing very early; way before DJing is what is it is today. I was doing the school disco, birthday parties and weddings back in the 80’s. It was a great training ground especially on the art of reading a crowd, keeping people of different ages with vastly different tastes on the dance floor is a real skill which I think a lot of DJs miss out on these days. With regards my biggest influences, DMC were really the first organisation to take DJs out of corner and put them at the centre stage. They pioneered the DJ revolution with their exclusive remixes, DJ competitions and Mixmag and I was lucky enough to land a job with them in the late 80’s where I learnt about almost every aspect of the music business. No doubt they played a huge part in my education and career.

EG: You are running your own label, Selador Recordings. How did that start up and how is it going currently? 

Dave Seaman: We just celebrated our 4th birthday and couldn’t be happier with what we’ve achieved over that time. Running a label these days is very much a labour of love. A lot of hard work for minimal financial reward. My label partner Steve Parry and I both joke that we could earn 10 times more money working at McDonald’s than we do from the label! But it’s something we really do enjoy and it feeds other aspects of our lives as DJs and artists. Obviously, it gives us a platform to release our own music, to collaborate with other like-minded artists and most important these days an outlet to gives you a home, a brand, an identity that people can relate to.

EG: We recently caught you in Miami for MMW. What are your thoughts about this year’s edition?

Dave Seaman: I had a good time. I always do in Miami. But the conference is a million miles away now from what it once was. It’s actually a few years since my last visit to the conference so I really noticed the difference. Much less of a place to do business and convene as an industry and much more just a week of parties. I really enjoyed playing at Rapture Festival though. I DJ’ed alongside Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Henry Saiz, Guy J and Kike Roldan on the Soundgarden stage which was much fun despite the poor weather. I hope that’s one that continues to grow and flourish.

EG: You have traveled all around the world. What would you consider your favourite place to play? And what’s the most random place you have ever played?

Dave Seaman: Right now, Argentina is undoubtedly still the best country for clubbing. Their appetite for underground electronic music shows no sign of abating. And of course, Ibiza and Berlin are still epicentres of the scene. As for the most random, the Black Rock Desert in Nevada for Burning Man Festival is pretty out there. The middle of nowhere in fact. It’s like being on a different planet for a few days.

EG: What is one of your favourite tracks to play out right now?

Dave Seaman: I’ve just finished a remix for AFFKT of a new track we’ve signed to Selador, which I’m particularly happy with. It’s called ‘Sunday Ghost’ and should be out in July.

“Right now, Argentina is undoubtedly still the best country for clubbing”

EG: What advice would you give to young music producers or DJs that you wished someone would have given you?

Dave Seaman: Never take anything for granted. Time flies and nothing lasts forever so don’t forget to enjoy the ride.

EG: Now with all the debate about DJs playing vinyl or digital, what do you prefer and why?

Dave Seaman: I play digital these days and have done for well over a decade now but I love vinyl and DJ’ed for many years using that format. The problem with vinyl these days though for me is it’s not really convenient to carry around the world and the amount of music you can get is limited. But I really don’t see what there’s such a debate. All that matters is the DJ performs well using whatever format he chooses, vinyl or digital. Just because you play vinyl doesn’t make you a better DJ than someone who using digital and vice versa. Each to their own.

EG: To end this interview is there anything that you want to share with the Electronic Groove community and your followers?

Dave Seaman: Thank you for the support 🙂

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