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Dave Clarke: “I Am Proud Of The Album And Feel I Was Tough On Myself”

Dave Clarke: “I am proud of the album and feel I was tough on myself”

Dave Clarke is a DJ with an anarchist streak a mile wide and punk in his soul.

Nothing says this as potently as his new album, ‘The Desecration of Desire’. Electronic to the hilt yet full of rich, dark songwriting, it’s been almost two years in the making and comes 14 years after his last full-length outing.

We had the chance to talk with Dave as he recently released his latest album.

Electronic Groove: Hi Dave, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. So you recently released your latest album ‘The Desecration of Desire’. How does this project come together?

Dave Clarke: It was a two-year start to finish project recorded chronologically and working with artists I admired.

Electronic Groove: Why the name ‘The Desecration of Desire’?

Dave Clarke: It rolls off the tongue pretty well, as for the explanation, it has to mean to me, but I am happy for you to have your own meaning.

Electronic Groove: Do you see this album as a milestone in your career?

Dave Clarke: Yes, it feels like my first true album ironically, I am proud of it and feel I was tough on myself but got a result I can be proud of regardless of sales figures being good or bad…. so yes, it is a personal milestone.

Electronic Groove: There’s an industrial sound that brings intense mystery to the album. It feels very personal in several parts of it. Is there any specific story behind the style composition?

Dave Clarke: Yes, but I am really not willing to talk about it, music and art should all mean something to the viewer/listener, to have a story thrust upon it can make it feels quite flat, far better for the person who bought it to let it narrate something fresh to them, maybe after a few years my story can come out.

“It feels like my first true album ironically”

Electronic Groove: People are raving about it. What comments about the album stand the most personally?

Dave Clarke: I am thrilled that the album has been well received, and that people “get it”, you never know if that happens, you tell yourself if people do not get it that it is not important in advance, but of course you do want people to understand, so yes, totally thrilled. I have only one mediocre review and that magazine that does that normally spells success for the record anyway… But even that review had some good points.

Electronic Groove: Talking a bit about music evolution and being yourself an important part of the history books, do you feel the album plays a part in the progression of the current state of music?

Dave Clarke: It was never a consideration, it never should be….to take that viewpoint is akin to talking about yourself in the third person all the time, it means your head is up to your arse.

Electronic Groove: Is Djing still part of the near future or are you focusing more on music production?

Dave Clarke: Of course, the travel has sucked me for decades but if the gig is good then it always is a pleasure, but I hope to spend more time in the studio of course.

Electronic Groove: We read that you don’t want to play in the United States while Trump is the country’s president. Why did you take that decision?

Dave Clarke: Because Trump is in power…. that simple.

Electronic Groove: What advice would you give the kids out there who are venturing into the music world?

Dave Clarke: Be yourself and be brave.

“I am thrilled that the album has been well received”

Electronic Groove: What do you like to hear when you’re relaxing at home?

Dave Clarke: David Lynch, BBC Radio 6, Henry Rollins KCRW show, Coco Cole’s ‘Love is’ podcast, Jason Bentley.

Electronic Groove: What and where would your last meal be?

Dave Clarke: You will have to be there reporting on that when it happens, I have no idea… not really an advocate for the Death Penalty myself, even if you happen to be an EDM / tech house DJ… live and let live (at a distance).

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