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David Berrie Talks About ‘Doctor Zouk’, The New Release He Produced With Jamie Jones

David Berrie talks about ‘Doctor Zouk’, the new release he produced with Jamie Jones

Born in NJ, raised in NYC, the melting pot of the city’s nightlife and culture formed the foundation of David’s understanding. Growing up sneaking into NYC clubs at 16 and starting his dj career at the age of 18, David found himself working the main club circuit playing everything from hip hop, disco, funk, soul to alternative and new wave. This diverse experience had a big influence on David and all contribute to his grounded yet obscure vision of house and techno today.

We caught with David Berrie to talk about his recent release with Jamie Jones entitled ‘Doctor Zouk’.

Electronic Groove: Hey David. Where are you now and how’s the summer has been so far?

David Berrie: Hi guys, thanks for inviting me. Right now I’m in Ibiza, It’s been my 2nd full season here and my summer has been great. I’ve had some nice gigs here and around Europe, worked on some new music, signed with a new agency, Paramount, and learned to balance a healthier lifestyle on the island.

EG: You are about to release the two-track ‘Doctor Zouk’ EP produced alongside Hot Creations main artist Jamie Jones. When and how did you meet him?

David Berrie: We first met around 6 years ago at an afterparty I had at my apartment in the Meatpacking district in NYC. I used to throw these musical gatherings pretty much every weekend at my apartment and, this is where I really learned to become a versatile DJ and at the same time meeting so many people in the industry like Jamie.

EG: How was the process to produce these tracks?

David Berrie: It was at Seth Troxler’s birthday at Pikes, Ibiza last year where I was casually talking with Jamie about production and studio gear stuff when he brought up the idea that it would be cool to make some music together. I was super down, so after the summer ended we managed to schedule a session at his studio in his LA home. We had a couple days to work there, and we built some beats around that Francky Vincent sample Jamie had found. Later on, we finished the project sending it back and forth through Dropbox. It was really a great experience to see how both of each other work and I think we both picked up on some new techniques.

EG: What’s the ‘Doctor Zouk’ name means?

David Berrie: The main vocal sample comes from a ‘Zouk’ style track by Francky Vincent, and he was also known as ‘Doctor Porno,’ so we fused the two to create ‘Doctor Zouk’.

“We had a couple days to work there, and we built some beats around that Francky Vincent sample Jamie had found”

EG: Are you working on new material? Any sneak peek you can share with our readers?

David Berrie: I do have a few new tracks that I’m excited to release soon. My next release will be a solo 3-track EP on Seth Troxler’s label ‘Play it Say it’ out November 16th. Following that, I have another solo EP but no confirmed date yet.

EG: You are a New York resident. What venues we should check if we visit that city?

David Berrie: As far as club venues, if you don’t already know, I think Output is a must venue to check out in Brooklyn and Panther Room inside of Output is probably my favorite room to play.

EG: What would be your advice for new and aspiring producers?

David Berrie: I believe it’s so important to find a friend to bounce your material off. Send each other tracks to get feedback and try to motivate to get better. Being pushed to become better I think is the biggest key factor when starting. Also, a great way to learn is to find a track you really love and try to dissect each element with your ear. If you can study and learn to recreate each individual element separately, it becomes that much easier to recreate a vibe you’re trying to go for.

EG: What are your plans for the rest of 2018?

David Berrie: I’ll stay for the Ibiza closing till mid-October then hit ADE, followed by a gig in Budapest, then head back to NY to finally get back in the studio for the fall time.

David Berrie & Jamie Jones’ ‘Doctor Zouk’ is already available. Grab your copy here.

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