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David Hohme: “I couldn’t be more excited about all the new music I have to release in the upcoming year”

You haven’t experienced NYC nightlife if you haven’t come across the name David Hohme. His near decade residency in the thriving underground music scene has built him a reputation for bringing dance floors to life. The acclaimed producer and DJ has played over 600 shows across North America, Europe, Asia, and South America. He most recently found the time to launch his own label; Where The Heart Is Records.

We had the chance to talk with David Hohme aligned to the recent release of his latest EP, ‘Soft Landing’ on Anjunadeep.

Electronic Groove: Hi David, thanks for chatting with us. You just released the ‘Soft Landing’ EP on Anjunadeep. How was the production process to finish these tracks?

David Hohme: My pleasure. I started working on the track over 2 and a 1/2 years ago and it took me a year to complete. It started with a simple piano improvisation that just happened to record in a moment of inspiration. At that point in my life, I had been hustling for 6 years in the NYC DJ scene and was doing my best to find any time I could to learn more about/practice music production….and I was finally starting to feel like the work was paying off. Thus that’s why the track was originally titled ‘Finally’. As the song developed, it felt more and more like a song to end a set with, and is the reason why I switched the name to ‘Soft Landing’ in the end.

Electronic Groove: Is that you on the piano. Where did you learn to play that instrument?

David Hohme: Rhythm and music have surrounded my life since I was very young and I can thank my mom for that. She started me in Suzuki piano classes when I was 4 years old and I continued for 10 more years all the while putting up with me kicking and screaming when I didn’t want to practice.

EG: Jody Wisternoff and James Grant are on the remix duties. How did you link with them?

David Hohme: About 3 years ago I sent Jody a random message on Soundcloud asking him if he was accepting remixes requests. Must have been good timing because he answered shortly after. I sent him my single at the time, ‘Fear Less’, and he ended up agreeing to remix it.

“Rhythm and music have surrounded my life since I was very young”

EG: How’s your summer agenda looking like? Any particular gig you are especially looking forward?

David Hohme: So many exciting shows this summer, just unfortunately I can’t share them yet :) I can say though I’ll be playing in a bunch of new places and as well as joining Anjunadeep on a couple of their United States open-air tour dates. And then, of course I’m always looking forward to Burning Man.

EG: During your touring days. What club or city has stood out in terms of energy, fan base or music culture?

David Hohme: Such a hard question but the first that comes to head is San Francisco. The energy of the crowd there is just so solid, open minded, and happy…I’ve had some absolutely stellar shows over the last couple years there.

EG: What is more enjoyable for you? Touring or studio time?

David Hohme: Studio definitely. I really love performing, seeing new places and meeting new people…but there’s really no place like home. I work and produce music out of my loft in Brooklyn and I’m very productive here. When I’m on the road, I miss emails, wifi connections are often slow, and work environments uncomfortable. So I go to the point where I often neglect work, simply because I don’t feel like I’m able to do it efficiently enough and rather wait until I return.

I’m also really focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle through exercise and diet (vegetarian). On the road, keeping a normal workout schedule is basically impossible and in specific countries it’s often difficult for me to find food options at all.

EG: We saw a video of you playing at last year’s Burning Man. First Time? How was the experience? Are you repeating it in 2018?

David Hohme: My experiences at Burning Man has been overwhelmingly positive. I’ve gone and played every year since 2011…This year will be my 8th in a row. I’ve played too many sets to count at this point but I’d say my favorite performances thus far were Robot Heart 2015, Distrikt 2016, and then my sunrise set at Bubbles and Bass every year.

Consistently, I’ve seen this place move and shake people to their core, in both positive and negative ways. Burning Man has a really lovely way of putting the mirror up in front of everyone that goes there, forcing them to deal with their shit, if they want to thrive. I love playing there, but it’s a bitch. I’ve been in a tent every year and it’s really not fancy, comfortable, or easy at all. I sincerely believe that this gathering provides such transformative experiences to people less because of the drugs and the music and more so because it forces everyone to go outside of their comfort zones, pushing them to grow as humans. I go back every year to witness that change in people, it’s fascinating.

“I really love performing, seeing new places and meeting new people…but there’s really no place like home”

EG: Are you working on any new releases for the rest of year?

David Hohme: Yes! Just a couple days ago I released an official remix for Francesca Lombardo. I’ve got a single coming out on vinyl as well as digital with Bedouin’s label trueColors. Also ,a single on Desert Hearts with a remix from one of my favorite artists, which I can’t share yet. Also currently almost finished with a remix for Sainte Vie which will come out with a single by him on my label Where The Heart Is later this year. Which speaking of WTHI, I couldn’t be more excited about all the new music I have to release in the upcoming year. Really I’m been so flattered by all the producers sending me such incredible music ;)

EG: Can you share with us some of your favorite tunes on rotation?

David Hohme: Here’s four I’ve been playing a lot as of late:

  • Xoa – Diaspora (Laolu Remix)
  • Time – Manchild (Unreleased)
  • Armonica – Ngeke Feat. Toshi (Andhim Remix)
  • Sonic Future – Theme VI

David Hohme’s ‘Soft Landing’ EP is available on Anjunadeep. Buy/stream here.

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