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DESNA: “I Am A Journey Driven Artist”

DESNA: “I am a journey driven artist”

DESNA is a name in the NYC underground circuit, who’s quickly making waves with her dj-ing prowess, through production and track selection, which can be defined as striking yet neutral. Having just released on Christian Smith’s Tronic Music, and coming off a fire performance at EDC Mexico last week, DESNA will open up the dance floor for South America’s ANNA, with a 3-hour extended set., on March 15th, at Avant Gardner. Setting the tone for the night, DESNA is sure to bring her futuristic sounds, as her art transcends music; it embodies a way of living.

We caught up with the techno maven, and here’s what she had to say…

 Electronic Groove: Hi DESNA, thanks for chatting with us. Going back in time, where do you come from and what are your early memories related to electronic music? When did you decide to launch your musical career as DESNA?

DESNA: Hey, thanks for the invite! It wasmid-20177 that I launched my DESNA alias. Before that, I was playing gigs under my real name at Verboten and Output trying to figure out the exact direction I wanted to settle into. Music has always been a big part of my life. I grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida so breakbeats in the late 90’s and early 2000’s were a big influence on me. DJ Icey, DJ Irene and Jazzy Jeff were some of the first electronic artists that I fell in love with.

EG: You’re now based in Brooklyn, NYC. How has the bustling city been an influence on your musical career and sound? Which venues do you feel gave you the opportunity to grow as an artist?

DESNA: There’s an energy here in New York I can’t put into words. It makes you feel the “hustle” and inspiration to become something. I don’t feel this same energy in other states. It has that special vibe that makes dreams seem within reach. Verboten gave me my start in this industry and when it closed, Output took me in, so those two venues were key to my current success.

EG: On March 15th, you’ll be doing a very special 3 hour opening set before Anna at Avant Gardner. How are you preparing for this journey? What’s part of the craft for setting the tone, and getting the dance-floor warmed up, without over-stepping the headliner?

DESNA: I love when I get to play 3 or 4 hours because it gives me the chance to have some proper peak moments and not just stay polite as support. I am a journey driven artist, so this set gives me time to open it up and take people for a nice ride. I plan on showcasing a hybrid set with CDJ’s, a drum machine, and my Tb-03.

EG: Your last single ‘Money Lotion’ was released on Tronic Music, Christian Smith’s label. Do you feel that you’ve distinguished the ‘DESNA sound’ in your productions? How would you best describe the music you’re producing?

DESNA: Yes I have! I actually just returned from EDC Mexico, playing a set with mostly my own tracks, and you can definitely tell a distinct sound here. I think you can best describe it as “techno” with a little bit of rock and acid in them. Some of my tracks lean a little more melodic while others slightly industrial. But overall, they all have similarities.

EG: Tell us about your event series ‘Risky Business’? You also just hosted a ‘Risky Business’ lineup at EDC Mexico, on the Wide Awake art car. Can you tell us more about the concept, and direction of the brand?

DESNA: Risky Business is a fun, underground event series with many layers. I co-own and handle the Risky Business “At Dusk” series for the brand, which focuses on techno driven events. We’ve brought several artists into play for this party and because it’s not only techno specific the range of artists that have played with us is broad.

DESNA’s ‘Money Lotion’ is already available on Tronic Music. Grab your copy here.

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