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Detlef: ‘I love playing at Paradise and especially when it’s at DC10’

Detlef is without a doubt one of the most exciting up-and-coming names currently working in the underground scene. In a very short time he has released and remixed with well-respected labels including Hot Creations, Knee Deep In Sound, Moon Harbour, and Defected, among others.

Equally at home in the booth as he is in the studio, the unique party vibe that he brings to his DJ sets has quickly made him one of clubbers’ favourite names. Often billed on the same line-up with industry giants, Detlef is definitely one to follow.

Detlef was recently named resident of the infamous Paradise Ibiza parties held at DC 10. Here’s our conversation with this unique artist.

Electronic Groove: Hi Detlef, thanks for the time to chat with us. You are one of the residents in this year’s Paradise Ibiza parties. When did you meet Jamie Jones and what this achievement means to you?

Detlef: Hi! Thank you for inviting me. I met Jamie briefly a few years back but I properly met him a year ago when we had a meeting for the first time and spoke about general things and of course, music. Playing for one of the best parties on the island again feels amazing, I am happy to be a part of it and excited how things turned out. It’s special becoming a resident of this party in such a small period of time since joining the team.

EG: What can we expect from you in these gigs, any particular proposal on your side?

Detlef: I love playing at Paradise and especially when it’s at DC10. Whenever I play there I always play music that I wouldn’t normally play elsewhere, which for me as a DJ is extra fun and interesting to see how things go down. Sometimes I play old school house to minimal techno without thinking too much about it, usually trying to blend with new sounds. I always feel excited after my sets.

EG: How was Paradise’s opening?

Detlef: The opening was pretty sick since started earlier that day and Jamie Jones and The Martinez Brothers were playing old school tunes in the garden. They really set up the atmosphere for the rest of the night. Everyone was really excited for the launch of Paradise season, so the vibe was pretty crazy.

EG: What Ibiza means to you?

Detlef: Ibiza is a lot of different things in one word. Means parties, relaxation, no sleep, good food, happiness, tiredness, fun, music, sea, smiles, friends, magic and a whole lot of other things that you can only experience if you spend some time on the beautiful island.

“Playing for one of the best parties on the island again feels amazing”

EG: You are also a regular at Elrow’s parties, what are your thoughts about this successful events brand?

Detlef: Elrow is a really unique party that’s been happening for so long and it’s always super well organized to the last detail. The amount of work that’s been thrown into this party is something you don’t see often hence the continuous success of it. What makes it extra special is the vibe and the mood of the people attending to this party.

EG: Talking about your recent releases, ‘Swag On’ reached #1 on the Beatport charts. Do you expected such an outcome?

Detlef: I never thought that it could do so well until the moment I started playing the track to my friends and everyone seemed to love it. When I finished ‘Swag On’ I sent it to some close DJs and all of them started playing it. At that point, I realized that there was something good with this track and it had potentials to go to the next level.

EG: You also released ‘Groove Nation’ alongside Green Velvet, how was the process to record this EP with this renowned artist?

Detlef: Working with Green Velvet is always fun! He is an amazing character with great knowledge on music production, so he makes things easier when working with him because he knows what he’s doing. I could definitely say that this collaboration with Green Velvet was the easiest one I ever did.

EG: How’s your summer agenda looking like? Any special gig you are looking forward?

Detlef: I am really excited about my plans this summer as I have incredible gigs coming up. I am always looking forward to all my Ibiza gigs, but there are a few special ones like Elrow on the 15th of July, which is already sold out and also the Paradise closing which is on September 27th.

“I could definitely say that this collaboration with Green Velvet was the easiest one I ever did”

EG: Are you working on new tracks? Any speak peak you’d like to share with our audience?

Detlef: I am working on music everyday and I have lots of stuff going on but nothing is finished yet. I have a few releases coming through Relief on July 14th, a Wade remix on Snatch! and a Hot Creations release later this year. Once I finish my new stuff will probably have more exciting news to share with you!

EG: Can you name a few tracks you will be banging during the season?

Detlef: Sure, they are:

ZDS – Bang (Dirtybird)
Detlef, Green Velvet – Freak it (Relief)
Secondcity – Kwelanga (Toolroom Records)
Green Velvet – Devotion
Groove Armada Feat. Slata Jon – Tune 101 (Jamie Jones Drip Drop Remix)(VIVa Music)

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