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Dinkis: “In my music, I have always transcribed periods of my life”

Dinkis is a producer and label owner from the heart of Sicily. Solid musical and technical skill, unmatchable versatility, and a true love for electronic music are among the many things that separate Dinkis from his contemporaries. With a keen ear for producing highly touching, insightful and diversified tracks, his sound tends to be bass, dark and percussive. The idea behind this project was born in 2013 and it gave Gabriele the opportunity to share his deep feeilings and thoughts with the listeners. His ambition and the desire to leave people with an emotion or a thrill makes him a slave of emotions. It’s exactly what keeps him in the booth at the forefront of injecting fresh, innovative sounds.

We caught up with Dinkis to talk about his new release ‘New Light’ via Wout Records.

Electronic Groove: Hello Dinkis and welcome to EG. Can you please give us some insight on how you got involved with electronic music?

Dinkis: Hi, it’s my pleasure. I have always been fascinated by beautiful music. Over the years I have developed a special love for electronic that expands my sounds influenced by different environments. And this mixture of tastes is the result of my works, my stories, all of which I imagine with an electronic background. It was she who wrapped me up.

EG: Moving a bit forward, you have a new release coming out on Wout Records titled ‘New Light’. What are the expectations for this release and what’s the inspiration behind it?

Dinkis: Yes, I’m very proud of my new EP. In contrast to other releases, this time I transcribed very intimate and heavy emotions for myself, I had a lot to tell and to translate into music what I felt inside. ‘Light Kills Darkness’ from this thought comes the title and the whole story. I have learned to have no expectations, I believe it will go its own way, and I will continue to find out where it will go. At the base of this work is certainly love and anger, and in a sense they are similar emotions to each other, they ignite the fire within. And this is the mixture of emotions that breathe life into my creatures.

EG: The EP is divided into 5 chapters. Please explain the idea behind this?

Dinkis: I had to tell a long story and share it in several chapters. Each of them tells a different story, but they are part of the same thought, the same journey.

The story is that of a man catapulted into another world. The man can no longer live in this place and begins his journey into the darkness of some kind of universe. From a distance he sees a red world, he will follow it, he will come and he will never be the same person again.

But the story does not end here. When the new decade comes, I will reveal the last chapter, a long chapter.

EG: Tell us about the instruments and gear used to produce the EP? Any favorite one?

Dinkis: I don’t have a lot of tools, only a few. I try to make the most of what I can do. I like focusing on the details in the sounds and structure of each track. For this EP, as for the others, I worked with my favorite Ableton plug-ins. I have always been faithful to this software and have never used other plug-ins. I’d also like to talk about where I produce because I feel like seeing Mother Etna every day from my window. She is a source of energy, art, and hope. I have a particularly strong bond with her.

“I have learned to have no expectations, I believe it will go its own way, and I will continue to find out where it will go”

EG: From the 5 chapters, do you have a particular one you feel more connected too? Why?

Dinkis: I like ‘New Light’ very much and was suddenly born with an outbreak. The darkness had overwhelmed me and I remember that every day a ray of sunlight penetrated through a crack and blinded me. I reported what I felt at that moment, the sweetness that can be felt in the trail is exactly the ray that accompanied me when I really felt alone.

EG: The EP packs many emotions. Do your surroundings of current experiences have anything to do with this? Please explain.

Dinkis: Yes, lots of emotions. In my music, I have always transcribed periods of my life. This time was very confusing. Love and fear have destabilized me, but dreams have illuminated me with a new light. These months have been of fundamental importance. Only when I have finished a piece of work I try to become a normal person again. So to bring order into my heart and mind.

EG: Aside from the EP, do you have any plans for the rest of the year?

Dinkis: This year I stop with this EP, December has always been a magical month for me and I always reserve it for something special. I take this opportunity to talk about the year 2020, which seems very interesting, and as I said in the previous answer, the last chapter of this story will be published.

More news will come to my label Wout Records. Together with my staff, we have worked hard to realize new projects, including the new Wout clothing collection and our first events. Just for the friends of EG I reveal that in February we will start the first tour of Wout Records, which starts from Morocco. And from there the way will be long.

I think it’s an interesting discussion, maybe too sincere, but I like being that way.

EG: Thanks!

Dinkis: It was a pleasure for me to answer your beautiful questions. See you soon!

Dinkis’ ‘New Light’ is now available. Buy and stream here

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