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DJ Seinfeld: “People Responding Positively To What I Do Gives Me Great Satisfaction”

DJ Seinfeld: “People responding positively to what I do gives me great satisfaction”

Swedish artist Armand Jakobsso, a.k.a DJ Seinfeld, was already among our favorites in the Sonar program because of the grace and strength of his unique house sets. He´s a young, but deep, DJ and producer. One of the artists that has burst onto the underground electronic music scene with force in the last few years. He has his feet firmly planted on the ground, is quiet and keeps some distance from the world, as expected from a soulful artist who seeks what makes us transcend, vibrate. 

DJ Seinfeld made some space for us on his tight schedule and we were able to interview him during Sònar de Dia, before his evening show at SònarClub.

EGHello Seinfeld, it’s a pleasure to chat with you today. What does it mean for you to perform at Sònar?

DJ Seinfeld: Hello everybody. The first times I visited Barcelona I didn’t have much money and wanted to attend Sònar. To me, it’s a great festival. In that sense, it’s a dream come true. I feel very happy.

EG: You’re between Stormzy and Underworld in the program, what a challenge! Have you prepared anything special for Sònar?

DJ Seinfeld: Of course. I think Sònar is the ideal place to introduce new, different things. In my case, I’ll play some of my brand-new tracks. And, of course, it’s a dream for me to be here, and I admire Underworld quite a lot.

EG: Are we going to dance a lot?

DJ Seinfeld: And then some!  (laughs)

EG: Have you gotten any surprises lately?

DJ Seinfeld: A lot of things surprise me. When I’m playing my records and people respond positively to what I do, it’s a great surprise and brings me great satisfaction.

EG: Yesterday, one of the things that most impacted me in Arca’s show was his constant quest for audience interaction, how he inquired, interrogated them. In your case, as a DJ, how would you describe the bond between you and the audience during a performance?

DJ Seinfeld: Yes, it’s interesting, for an artist whose performance is more physical because he also dances and makes people dance. I also need feedback from the audience but in a different way.

“There are times when you want to tell a story, but maybe sacrifice making people dance. I try to find the balance”

EG: In a conference here in Sònar, a prestigious musical journalist described DJ-producers, but also as great selectors, what do you think? 

DJ Seinfeld: Yes, it’s true, there’s a big part dedicated to searching.

EG: Could you explain to us how your day-to-day life is like?

DJ Seinfeld: I get up, have breakfast, go out for a walk, spend a little time with my family, come back home and get to work. In the late afternoon, I usually go to a gym, see friends and get to work again.  

EG: What are your influences?

DJ Seinfeld: I really like Actress. I’d love to be in a collaboration. I also admire Underworld very much, as I said before. I like how they tell stories with their music.

EG: And in your case?

DJ Seinfeld: I’m careful not to bore the audience, that’s why I don’t try to be a conceptual DJ. But I don’t make “party music” all the time either. There are times when you want to tell a story, but maybe sacrifice making people dance. I try to find the balance.

EG: I love it! You’re a DJ with great empathy and restraint!

DJ Seinfeld: (Laughs)…

EGWhat limitations do you want to breakthrough?

DJ Seinfeld: I don’t think of myself as a DJ with limitations to overcome, I like to think I have skills or other aspects that I have to improve. Improve my technical capabilities, study the use of new tools.

EG: What’s going to be your set-up tonight?

DJ Seinfeld: Basically, DJ controllers.

“Music and new technologies open up many opportunities to create and new fields to explore”

EG: They have told us about a 3D music studio here in Sònar! Métrica, in Ibiza, and Daito Manabe explore the images that our brains create from sound. What do you think about all this?

DJ Seinfeld: It’s very interesting, without a doubt. Music and new technologies open up many opportunities to create and new fields to explore.

EG: We know you have another interview coming up, it’s been a pleasure and thank you very much for having us.

DJ Seinfeld: Thank you! It’s been my pleasure as well.

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