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DJ W!LD: “Mixing Is In My Blood”

DJ W!LD: “Mixing is in my blood”

DJ W!LD’s rise to prominence was no overnight phenomenon. Without hype or fanfare, he has grown from hero of the Parisian underground to resident at some of the world’s most acclaimed clubs, including Circoloco at DC10 in Ibiza. With an expansive discography (more than 300 tracks released ) backing up his formidable DJing skills.

His latest addition to an already impressive resume is the release of ‘Techno City’, a new album that will be out in the coming days. Here’s a recent chat that we had with him ahead of the release.

Electronic Groove: Hi DJ W!ld, thanks for the time to chat with us. You’ve just announced your new album ‘Techno City’ is due for release on April 3rd. Your first album release in two years – Can you describe it in three words?

DJ W!ld: Techno, acid, grooving.

EG: Is there a difference in style between this and your last LP ‘When You Feel Me’. What were your main influences in making this album?

DJ W!ld: Yes, ‘Techno City’ is my fourth album and I’d say it’s the most tech-orientated of all. The album starts really slowly with the intro and builds throughout, reaching a peak at the end. I wanted it to move in the same way that a mix does. The main influences on the album are a mix of techno, acid, New York beats, classical music, Detroit techno and some wild style. If you shake all those ingredients hard in a mixer you’d get ‘Techno City’.

EG: The lead single ‘King Hit’ is coming out on the 6th March, why did you choose this for the lead single?

DJ W!ld: I didn’t actually choose ‘King Hit’ myself, it was the crowd. I tested the album for several months but effectively this was the track that had an immediate effect on the crowd. It’s always like this with an album, there is one track that comes more naturally to you, it doesn’t always mean that at the end it’s going to be your favourite though, because some tracks take longer to appreciate.

EG: Should we eagerly anticipate any other releases from the “W” label in the near future?

DJ W!ld: For sure, we’ve got a lot of releases planned 🙂 Next after the album there’ll be four unreleased remixes coming out that I did for SIS, GSM and ALEX M (Italy).

EG: When did you discover your passion for dance music, branching off from the Hip-Hop influence that surrounded you?

DJ W!ld: It actually came almost at the same time. At the start of the 90’s hip-hop culture was more open than now and both movements were connected. But for sure disco, jazz and even classical music have all made me think about long edits, the power of the loop.

EG: Your relocation to Paris in 1996 was obviously vital to your DJ’ing career. Your style covers many genres, was it difficult showcasing this in a city that was mainly focused on the electro sound?

DJ W!ld: Yes, it was vital in a way to grow and learn, and to have a better base to travel from. But Dijon at this time had the best French club in France, a club called L’An-Fer where all best techno acts at the time were playing.

EG: In what ways has the Parisian / French electronic music scene changed since you began your DJ and Producer journey?

DJ W!ld: I think the Parisian scene is getting much better at the moment. I could even say that it’s slowly becoming one of best cities in Europe for the scene. It has taken a really long time because French people are really bad at working with each other and push their own talents.

EG: Laurent Garnier was and is a hugely influential figure to you, which others DJ’s then, and now continue to impress and have a prominent impact on you?

DJ W!ld: The list is really long but just to name a few and explain why, I’ll say Sven Vath for his tenacity and showmen capacity, Ricardo Villalobos for his don’t give a fuck attitude and his way of playing music most people don’t have balls to play, arpiar for their sound but also for the way they support each other. And Derrick May for his aptitude in mixing and his mixing itself, and the imprint he gave to electronic music.

“I love playing for people, seeing the reactions on their faces”

EG: With so many successes in both your DJ and production career – what do you feel fulfills you more as an artist?

DJ W!ld: It’s really difficult to answer to this question. I love both and that’s for sure, however, mixing is in my blood. Every Thursday my blood starts to shake and I need to go and play somewhere. I love playing for people, seeing the reactions on their faces, happy, surprised etc. Adrenaline is really a drug. Making music is the same but in the studio it’s more with yourself, releasing your soul, your fears, your love.

EG: Your schedule has been busy with worldwide tour dates. Do you have a favourite city or venue to play at? Where do you find your most passionate fans?

DJ W!ld: It’s really interesting to see how it’s changed over the year and many times throughout my career. But at the moment I’ll say that South America was a big win, Cordoba, Buenos Aires, etc. The real fans stay forever so I find them all around the globe.

EG: You’ve collaborated with Vivienne Westwood and Thierry Mugler in the past. Do you feel that fashion is an ever-growing factor in the techno world?

DJ W!ld: Yes, it has always been. You have commercial fashion as you do with music and you have underground fashion as you do with music. Both worlds are different but connected. Fashion styles always crop up in music, underground and commercial.

EG: What is your schedule looking like for summer 2017?

DJ W!ld: It looks like I’m not taking any holidays 🙂

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