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Døc: “I Love Where The Scene Is Now But It’s Just A Lot Different”

Døc: “I love where the scene is now but it’s just a lot different”

Døc is a DJ who is in love with underground music. He looks at underground music as one big genre. His sets can go from house to progressive to techno to disco seamlessly. He is knowing for his excellent ability to read and work a crowd.

Today Døc shares with us his journey on the electronic music scene.

Electronic Groove: Hi Døc, thanks for chatting with us. Where are you know and what are you up to?

Døc: Hey guys, good to be here. I have a weekend off this week so I am chilling out in the sun with a whiskey sorting my music. This year we are having the hottest summer in Ireland since 1970 so I have to make the best of it. I have a busy July month with a lot of different gigs so it’s a good chance to start building some playlists.

EG: Thanks for mixing our latest EP Podcast. What can you tell us about the mix?

Døc: I have been a fan of Electronic Groove since the very beginning and I think I know the audience you guys have built. I tried to create a mix that I feel EG is about but at the same time trying to be true to what I like to play.

EG: How’s the local scene right now in Ireland?

Døc: There is a great scene for students in my town with a night called ‘Faint’ that bring over some amazing artists. But as for the weekend scene goes, there isn’t much happening right now. I am in talks to start something new very soon though but can’t say too much yet.

EG: If we visit your town, where should we go?

Døc: Probably not clubbing. I live in Sligo, which is one of the nicest counties in Ireland. It has amazing beaches and some of the best scenery you could find anywhere. You should also go for a Guinness in Connolly’s Bar which is famous for this kind of beer, it’s amazing.

EG: Are you currently working on new releases?

Døc: Yes! My production has slowed down over the last 2 years because I am enjoying the arrival of my new son to my life. But yes, I should have a new EP finished by the end of July. I’m really looking forward to getting this material finished. I have high hopes for this one.

“I hope to have at least two EP’s released by the end of the year”

Electronic Groove: You’ve been playing for quite some time. What’s your perspective on the scene evolution, locally and globally?

Døc: It has changed a lot! Back when I started off our idols were the local resident and not these superstar Dj’s we have these days. Also, it was easier to make a career in the art of Djing. These days you need to be a producer, graphic designer, promoter, social media expert and so on. I’m not complaining, I love where the scene is now but it’s just a lot different. Even buying music has changed so much. I will never forget the feeling of getting the train to Dublin to buy records. It was one of the best parts of Djing, walking into a shop where everyone knew each other and the guy behind the counter knew what sort of music you are looking for. Now you just sit on the couch scrolling through promos and Beatport. I don’t miss carrying around the big box of records though.

EG: What plans do you have for the summer?

Døc: I have a busy a summer ahead. It is a lot of producing. I gave this topic a break to enjoy the arrival of our son. He turns two years next month which made me realize I need to get back at it. I hope to have at least two EP’s released by the end of the year. I will be gigging as usual. My residency in The Spiral Tree in Longford keeps me busy, I have a couple of gigs in Ibiza next month. One I’m really excited about is the Renaissance Opening Party at Eden along with the likes of Dave Seaman, Danny Howells and Darren Emerson. I have a couple of other gigs while over that I can’t disclose yet as well as another big one for ADE.

EG: Have you seen any new artists lately that caught your eye?

Døc: Yes I am a big fan of John Monkman. There is some amazing artist from Ireland to look out for also. Brame & Hamo are from my hometown and they are creating waves at the minute. If you like your techno Hybrasil is another amazing Irish artist on the rise. Richie Blacker another great Irish artist who just released on Last night on Earth. One I am a big fan of is Rebūke he is putting out some amazing stuff! Some others to look out for NiteTales, Deep Future, Stereo. Type, Demesne, Karl Jordon and Fit For Purpose all are well worth checking out

EG: EG: If you would have to choose, what would be your all-time favorite track?

Døc: Impossible to answer that. One I still love from back in the day is Sasha & Marie ‘Be As One’ but I don’t really have a favorite track. I remember seeing John Digweed dropping ‘Heaven Scent’ soon after it was released. It blew me away, I will never forget that.

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