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Dorian Craft: “I Really Believe That Everything Happens For A Reason, But It Doesn’t Come Without Hard Work”

Dorian Craft: “I really believe that everything happens for a reason, but it doesn’t come without hard work”

Young and uprising DJ and producer from Cannes, Dorian Craft is totally passioned about the tech side of electronic and dance music. He loves to play and produce beats swaying between afro house and melodic house. His DJ sets are combined in an eclectic journey, to give his floors, a very unique vibe.

We had the chance to talk with Dorian Craft about his current musical projects.

Electronic Groove: Hi, Dorian, the Summer just started and looks you’re quite busy. How was your last weekend?

Dorian Craft: Hey, guys, thanks for having me on EG. You’re absolutely right, things have been crazy lately, but I prefer it like that! I’ve been playing gigs all over; in Moscow, Paris, London, Doha, and this past weekend in Cannes for the film festival. It was amazing overall, and playing alongside Black Coffee and Bedouin at Baoli was something else. I love the Cannes Film Festival, it’s such a great time to perform, not only because of the visibility but everyone there is a party person. My kind of audience!

EG: You are originally from Cannes but now living in Paris… Are you happy with this movement?

Dorian Craft: Yeah that’s right. I started playing over 12 years ago in Cannes, mostly in DJ residencies at bars and local clubs but decided to make the move to Paris. You need a big city in order to grow, transform and finesse your art. Paris has a great underground scene, which runs throughout the year (the French never stop…). Along with plenty of talented promoters and clubs who connect you to the right people at the right time, it’s safe to say it was a good bet!

EG: You will be playing two gigs at Hi Ibiza’s Black Coffee party, are you excited about this? How did you link with the African DJ?

Dorian Craft: I’m really excited to be playing at Hî Ibiza this year – it’s definitely one of the best nights on the island during the summer. Because it’s a new generation club with the latest tech in lighting and sound, it’s an essential on any DJ’s club list. I really believe that everything happens for a reason, but it doesn’t come without hard work.

There has been plenty of solo hours spent working on music with not much in return, so to be rewarded for this passion, I’m a happy guy! Nathi (Black Coffee) and I met last year in Cannes at Baoli when I was warming up the room for him. Just before he came on, I thought I’d play one of my songs. He loved it, and his team contacted me to keep in touch. Since then, we’ve played several shows together, and this time we’re closing it back-to-back. He’s humble, easy-going, and obviously, very talented.

EG: In term of gigs, what else is planned for the Summer?

Dorian Craft: Well let’s just say, this Summer is going to be busy! My manager, Luca, and I are still working together on the schedule, but it’s the first year that I’ve decided to move to Ibiza for the season. I’ve chosen to stay there so my feet are on the ground, and I’m connected with other artists there. I have some studio sessions booked in and I’ll be out and about networking, as well as playing. In July and August, I’m playing Hî Ibiza, and I’m also playing a night at Heart with Jean Claude Ades. There’s a gig happening at Cova Santa with new promoters (so watch out for that), and I’ll also be hopping over to Mykonos, Marbella and Cannes this season for a festival alongside Solomun and Maceo Plex.

EG: So you’ll be releasing a new EP on Audiofly’s Flying Circus label. When will it be out? Can you describe what’s the music is this time around?

Dorian Craft: Yes, there are two EP tracks being released this summer. I sent Audiofly some demos a few months ago and it’s all gone from there. I absolutely love this material. It combines ethnic and afro stuffs with emotional chord progressions. It may sound different, but it works. I’m finding myself producing more and more music that can be listened to by wider audiences– not just those interested in electronic. As well as that, I’m releasing a more low tempo track in a Flying Circus compilation.

“Usually, my music sways between afro and ethnic sounds, with a few bits in-between”

EG: Any other releases?

Dorian Craft: Now that you mention it… I’m working with LVTECE, who are a really talented Parisian duo, which is almost ready. I’ve also got a few solo projects on the way, including one with a Kenyan singer. I can’t wait to show everyone!

EG: How you describe your sound?

Dorian Craft: I really play to the audience and feel, taking into account the set time and who’s there. Usually, my music sways between afro and ethnic sounds, with a few bits in-between. I like to start with groovy, low tempo beats and finish five hours later with more techy songs. I always promise my crowd a journey.

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