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Label Insight: Dream Culture

Label Insight: Dream Culture

Dream Culture is a Toronto-based label led by Zain Zafar. With nine references so far, their characteristic sound is deep house accompanied by blissful melodies. Some artists like Powel, Zone+, Fulltone, Mustafa Ismaeel and recently Lessovsky have released on the Canadian imprint.

We had the chance to talk with Zain and Lessovsky about the label’s evolution and latest EP, ‘City on Another Planet’.

Electronic Groove: Hello Zain, thanks for the time to chat with us. Dream Culture label has now a solid reputation in the electronic music circuit. What was the motivating factor that pushed you to launch the label and above all, what was your relationship with the genre before you decided to launch Orient Art (ex-Dream Culture)?

Zain Zafar: Thank you for the kind words. Well, music has always been an unspoken and pure form of expression to me. It eradicates any other variables from the expression itself. It’s the closest and most liberating thing to the human mind. Just limitless.

We used to jam to Schiller and Asterix in school days back in Lahore, Pakistan. I moved to Canada almost a decade ago and found The Government club and the good old Footworks. Got to a point where I wasn’t happy with the music people were doing around me, so one odd day while sitting at work I decided to launch the Orient Art label which was closer to my own identity, then it went through different phases and finally we settled for Dream Culture.

EG: You already have signed newcomers and renowned artists, how you have chosen your roster for the label?

Zain Zafar: We only look forward to good music. Exceptional one. We don’t care about anything else. We just want to make art.

EG: Dream Culture label is based on Toronto, how would you describe the Canadian scene?

Zain Zafar: Toronto scene is blasting right now. But like all other industries in Canada, it is also a monopoly. Also, lately a lot of new crews are coming up. One thing I have to appreciate about our city’s scene is that people are learning to work together. I really respect that.

EG: What are your plans for 2018?

Zain Zafar: Some important releases coming up. We will be setting the bar higher this year. Stay tuned!

EG: According to you, what would be the label’s top 5 tracks?

Zain Zafar: That’s a difficult question. We love all our music, I mean that’s why we release it. But I would like to mention Fulltone as the ultimate musician and artist. Also, I am very happy to welcome Rasi Z to the imprint. I always say a record label is like a football club, you can either create players, go through the hard times and earn respect and a reputation, or simply buy them. We like to develop them better.

“We only look forward to good music. Exceptional one”

Now we move forward with Lessovsky as he’s about to release his debut EP on Dream Culture.

EG: It’s your first signature on the label. How did you meet each other and how did this collaboration started?

Lessovsky: I have been following the label since its launch. They really surprised me. Their sound was very similar to mine, so without any hesitations, I sent my demos to Zain and got an offer to release a full EP. And, as you may see – we did it together 🙂

EG: What was your first experience with electronic music? Which producers inspired you as you began developing your own sound?

Lessovsky: I’m in love with electronic music since my childhood. My father had an amazing music collection at home. Artists like Didier Marouani, Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk were included there. This kind of music influenced me. Later on, I began to pay attention to house and techno and started to produce my own stuff. I signed my first release in 2011, and that was the beginning of the Lessovsky’s project.

EG: How your music set up formed? Do you have plans to play live in the future?

Lessovsky: At the moment I only play DJ sets, but I’m working on my live set.

EG: What your musical focus right now?

Lessovsky: I try to focus exclusively on music production. In addition to the main project and also working on a few new projects, but it’s a secret at the moment. Besides that, I host parties in my city often.

EG: What are your plans for 2018?

Lessovsky: I’ll have different releases this year, including ones on labels like Ein2, Seven Villas, Lost Dairies, Earthly Delights, and of course on Dream Culture.

“I’m in love with electronic music since my childhood”

EG: What’s your favorite track to finish your sets?

Lessovsky: I loved to finish my sets with ‘Acamar’ by Frankey & Sandrino.

EG: Can you share your current top 5 favorite tracks?

Lessovsky: Sure, some of them are:

01. Larry Heard – Deja Vu (Musaria Mix)
02. Dntel – (This Is) The Dream of Evan and Chan (Superpitcher Remix)
03. Steve Reich – Nagoya Marimba (HNNY Remake)
04. Moderat – Eating Hooks
05. Kate Bush – Deal with God

Lessovsky’s ‘City on Another Planet’ will be out January 17th. Grab your copy here.

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