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Echonomist: “Be patient, don’t expect anything, just do what you love and enjoy the journey”

Greek mastermind Echonomist represents the true definition of ‘artist’. His prolific output combined with his ability to experiment with a variety of styles and liberated approach, are essential components of his artistic nature. With years of experience already under his belt, Echonomist has gone through a leap in his development recently, with releases on Innervisions, Afterlife, TAU, and Kompakt, among others, establishing his production prowess. Working with such influential labels has not only boosted his profile but, more importantly, demonstrated that his musical ability has reached an impeccable standard, acknowledged by label heads like Dixon, Ame, Tale Of Us, Michael Mayer, and Adana Twins.

In light of his forthcoming remix of Yeah But No’s ‘Veneer’ on Distant Echos, we take the opportunity to talk with Echonomist about the release, his inspirations, the creative process, and more.

EG: Hello Petros! It’s great to have you with us today. To start off, how are you doing and where are you speaking to us from?

Echonomist: Hello guys, it’s my pleasure! I am really good, just got back home, after an amazing weekend in Skopje and Zurich, and I’m getting ready for Cairo, Dubai, and Milan this weekend. Excited to tour again!

EG: We’re pleased to be chatting with you ahead of the release of your remix of Yeah But No’s ‘Veneer’ on Distant Echos. First off congrats on a superb remix here. Before we speak about the track, how did this remix first come about?

Echonomist: Thank you for the nice words about the remix! My friendship with Alex Niggemann (part of Yeah But No) has been going on for a few years and I am also a big fan of Yeah But No, so it was inevitable to collaborate at some point.

EG: What was it about the original track that inspired you to take the remix on?

Echonomist: Fabian’s vocals caught my attention immediately and it’s always a challenge to transform a beat-less / ambient tune into a dance track!

EG: What was your creative process like when you made the remix? Did Fabian Kuss and Alex Niggemann offer any guidance on what direction they wanted you to take the remix?

Echonomist: Not at all. They just sent me the remix stems and I started to jam, as I do with most of my tracks, without thinking about the direction I want to go. After a few hours, I already had the main idea done and I really liked the vibe and the melodies. The next day, I did the arrangement and sent it to the guys, who also liked it a lot.

“My friendship with Alex Niggemann has been going on for a few years and I am also a big fan of Yeah But No, so it
was inevitable to collaborate at some point”

EG: 2021 has been another great year of music output from you, including an EP on Innervisions and remixes on the likes of Systematic Recordings and Multinotes. How has the year been for you from your perspective?

Echonomist: During the lockdown, I took the opportunity and dedicated my time completely to my music and spent many hours in the studio, which was also a good way to escape from the COVID reality. I was able to experiment and finalize a lot of tracks and remixes. From that perspective, it was a really good year. I am happy that when I started touring again, I saw the fruits of my efforts and my work pay off.

EG: The strength of your sound has led you to be continually in demand as a remixer. How does it feel to have reached this point as an artist?

Echonomist: I just do what I love, and I really don’t feel that I have reached a certain level as an artist.

EG: If you could offer one piece of advice to an aspiring artist, what would it be?

Echonomist: Be patient, don’t expect anything, just do what you love and enjoy the journey.

EG: Thanks for chatting with us today Petros! To round things off, what’s next for you over the coming months?

Echonomist: It was nice to chat with you too! I just released my debut EP on Afterlife and I am in the process of writing my second album. Stay tuned for exciting news soon!

Yeah But No – ‘The Shadow Self II’ with Terr and Echonomist remixes will be released on 10th December on Distant Echos. Pre-order your copy here.

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